Dear Diary, How Are We Half Way Through 2017? 🌻🐚

I’ve acclimatised to the fact that I’ll never reach the end of my ultimate to-do list, so I now break my tasks down in achievable chunks. This week I noticed that my so-called ‘achievable chunks’ are now multiple long daunting to-do lists. Seriously, how did this happen? I should really stop complaining because so many great things are happening right now and business is going swimmingly. My brain feels a little scrambled though when I go outside and it’s warm, yet in my head it feels like it’s only just been Christmas.

Dear diary, how are we half way through 2017? 🌻🐚 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Even though my list of things to do is forever increasing, I’ve decided to do a little ‘fuck you’ and dedicate some time to myself again. I’m a bit of a workaholic, so I’m taking back some time for myself. That means drinking a beer in the sunshine, watching a movie, relaxing in the hot tub, turning off my alarm, going out with friends and writing this blog post. This is a selfish article what I’ve been up to over the past couple of months. It won’t perform very well in Google, it probably won’t get very good engagement but I couldn’t care any less. Sometimes you need to just write because you enjoy it.

The last personal post I published was back in March just after S and I visited the Chamonix in the Alps, where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Everything has gone a little crazy since then (obviously only in a good way!) so here it is…

New additions

When we got back from our holiday in France we adopted Alfie, our Jack Russel. Alf is 6 years old and previously lived with my fiancé’s mum, but now he’s part of our little family. It’s so lovely going for walks in the sunshine with him, I couldn’t imagine living without him anymore.

Dear diary, how are we half way through 2017? 🌻🐚 | UK Lifestyle Blog

It’s been exactly one year since I launched my business and quit my full-time job. Amazingly, the house isn’t repossessed, and my savings are still in tacts – how did that happen? Business is going well and I’m really proud of how far I’ve come so far. I decided to treat myself to a convertible for the summer because, why not!?

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I’m not commuting anymore meaning I only use my car for fun and social events, so I figured if there is any point in my life I should have a thirsty 1.8 litre car, it’s now. I picked up a Phoenix Limited Edition Mazda MX5 1.8 from Dorset, and oh boy did I have fun driving it home! It has a gorgeous tan leather interior (with heated seats!), an incredible sound system and sparkling alloys.

Dear diary, how are we half way through 2017? 🌻🐚 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Home renovations

It’s been over two years since I moved into my lovely little home by the seaside. Even though I bought  a new build there was so much work I wanted to do to it to make it my own. We’ve spent a lot of time focusing on getting the interior exactly how we want it and investing in particular designer pieces of furniture.

There’s been a couple of jobs that I’ve wanted to do but wasn’t sure if I should put anymore money into the house – who know’s how long we’ll be living here? Well, once we decided to get married we figured it was time to commit to those little luxurious extras we wanted. You’ve probably seen our recent office renovation but if you haven’t you can see it here. We’ve also spruced up the garden, too!

Dear diary, how are we half way through 2017? 🌻🐚 | UK Lifestyle Blog

It seems a little backwards doesn’t it, saving for a wedding so we’re spending more on the house!? We know that this property isn’t our ‘forever home’, but now we know that we’ll be focusing on the wedding over the next couple of years, we’re confident we won’t be going anywhere soon.

We’re so lucky that the house has a spare bedroom, which is currently our home office, meaning we’ve got room to grow before we need to consider moving again. We absolutely love our home and couldn’t imagine a better location (5 minutes walk from the beach!). Before my broody-self goes off on a tangent, I’ll get back to my point:

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We’ve decided to tile our kitchen and downstairs bathroom with some gorgeous ash grey tiles. With a couple of pets in tow, it’s far easier to keep clean. Not to mention, when we come in from the hot tub it’s much easier to mop up some water off tiles than it was from the vinyl. We’re so lucky that we know somebody in our family that helped us out in fitting them, saving us mega bucks $$$

Dear diary, how are we half way through 2017? 🌻🐚 | UK Lifestyle BlogObviously this is a work in progress, we’ve got a lovely light grout to finish it off! Tune in next week..

We’ve also got a sparkling new techy washing machine – sounds boring but it’s the little things 😋

Wedding planning

The last thing you probably read was that we booked our venue at a gorgeous manor house in Cornwall. However, since then not a HUGE deal has progressed – we’ve chosen our colours, theme and potential flower arrangements but I’m avoiding dealing with caterers right now, yikes!

The other day my maid of honour, mum and mother-in-law (to be!) went out for lunch at a gorgeous restaurant called Mannings before going wedding dress shopping. I tried on somewhere between 10 – 15 gowns whilst sipping Prosecco and striking a few poses. I’ve certainly got an idea of what I’m going to go for but I’m still getting used to the idea of wearing a fancy white dress.

I’ve had some more appointments since and have another coming up soon, fingers crossed!

There we have it, a little peek into my life.

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