Dear Diary, I’ve Just Had The Best Weekend Of My Life

When I was introduced to the French girl wearing converse shoes that just moved into my class in secondary school, I never imagined that 10 years later I’d be helping her plan a hen do.

Sorry, there won’t be any incriminating photographs of us drinking too much vodka when we were 16, or from when we used to wear polka dot bows in our hair – just a couple of snaps from the weekend that made my cheeks hurts from laughing so much.

We headed to a luxury lakeside self-catering lodge in Cornwall with a private hot tub for 3 nights for massages, naughty games and a lot of partying with some of the best people in the world.

When we first arrived (after everybody else, oops!), drinks we’re already rolling – heck, drinks started in the car for those not behind the wheel. 

In the morning, everyone was feeling a bit worse for wear but we held it together and headed over to Adrenalin Quarry. For those who haven’t been, this place is awesome! Their strap line is ‘throwing people off cliffs since 2009’.

Dear diary, I've just had the best weekend of my life | UK Lifestyle Blog

The bride-to-be booked us all to go on the zip-line and the giant swing. So, you know what a zip-line is, but a giant swing? What is it, and how scary can a swing really be?

You’re basically in a harness, strapped to a piece of metal that is winched up slowly. After a few dragged out seconds, and teasing from people on the ground, you get dropped, accelerating through double gravity as you level out at the bottom. Then you continue over a cliff edge, 160 feet above the lake, then plunge backwards towards the cliff. 

I’ve actually done it already a couple of years ago, and I was absolutely terrified then! This time, I knew exactly what I was getting myself into and it made it even worse – I was PETRIFIED! I’ll let the video speak for itself..

Being there with all my friends made it extra special, and absolutely hilarious! It didn’t particularly cure our hangovers, but the laughter made it better.

We then had a BBQ, before heading back to our resort for a glitter party by a team of makeup artists. This basically included lots of prosecco, and a whole lot of glitter at 3pm in the arvo!

After suitable glittered up, we went back to our lodge and sat in the sunshine (luckily the weather was incredible the entire time we were there).

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Dear diary, I've just had the best weekend of my life | UK Lifestyle Blog

Following hen party etiquette, we all chip in a couple quid for hen to cover the cost of the weekend, popped it in a card and gave it to her at the start of the night. She was blown away, at that point I knew it was going to be a tear jerking night!

After stuffing our faces for lots of BBQ food, we played a few party games that involved a bit of naughtiness and A LOT of drinking.

We started the night off with a bit of pass-the-parcel that included forfeits, such as ‘fake an orgasm’, ‘give the person to your left a lap dance’ and ‘put a condom on a bottle using only your mouth’. I’m so glad everyone got really involved and made the evening super special.

Another friend brought ‘pin the hunk on the junk’, which was equally as funny – turns out it’s a pretty difficult game to play after a few drinks and being spun around on the spot.

Once everyone finised bumping into walls, we sat down and played Mr & Mrs. I asked the groom-to-be 20 questions, and then asked the same questions to the hen. For every question she got right, we took a shot, and for every question she got wrong, she took a shot.

I made some play-doh at home, so that we could also try playing ‘male model’. For those who haven’t play, you have 30 seconds to create the most realistic penis with your eyes closed. Winner stays on, and there’s a prize for the best one!

Dear diary, I've just had the best weekend of my life | UK Lifestyle Blog

We finished off the party games by all putting a memory we’ve had with the hen into a pile, and then after muddling them up, the hen had to guess who wrote that memory. This was hilarious and some of them were touching!

I had such an awesome night, as did everybody else! My only regret is not taking more photographs, but I was having too much fun and it would have probably been a bad idea to have my phone (even if it is waterproof!) in the hot tub, which is where a lot of the evening was spent.

Dear diary, I've just had the best weekend of my life | UK Lifestyle Blog

The hours absolutely flew by, and half of us stayed up until sunrise, but I hit the hay just when I saw it was about to get light, because I HATE it when that happens! It’s probably a good thing too, because I felt hungover enough as it was.

In the morning, we sunbathed on the grass, whilst getting called one by one for a massage from a therapist in our lodge *bliss*! In the evening, most of us felt pretty broken, so we watched some movies with blankets and ate pizza.

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That’s why this weekend was the best. Bring on the wedding day 🙂 If you’re planning a hen do, here’s some inspiration to throw the bride-to-be the best weekend EVER!: 

Cabaret – Drinks, dancing and hunky men

If you want a truly unforgettable night of fun, laughter and eye candy, a cabaret party is just what you need. This is one of the most popular hen party activities and

You’ll find them widely available in numerous locations throughout the UK. If she loves to party, then this is a perfect idea. It doesn’t hurt there will also be plenty of eye candy in the form of barely dressed hunks!

Relax and unwind with a luxury spa weekend

Partying not really your thing? Book a spa weekend for you and the girls to help send you into a blissful relaxed state. This is especially great if she’s turned into a bit of a bridezilla and she could do with taking it easy!

Spa weekends can be found practically anywhere in the country. They’re another extremely popular hen party choice and the idea even reached the top 5 out of the top 47 hen party ideas published in

Dance workshop

You don’t need alcohol to have a great time. Sign you and the girls up to a dance workshop and enjoy dancing to favourites such as Grease, Dirty Dancing and Fame. There are all kinds of difference dance workshops you can partake in such as Bollywood dancing, belly dancing and even burlesque. It’s one of the most popular activities hosted by The Stag and Hen Experience Limited and is sure to get you laughing, while also learning some funky moves. You could even use your new moves to impress guests at the wedding reception.

These are 3 unique and fun ways to celebrate her hen party. No matter what she’s into, there’s always something fun and unique you can do to celebrate in style. So don’t stress if you’ve been given the task of organising an unforgettable hen experience. The packages above help to take all of the hard work out of it, while providing you with unforgettable memories.

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