Destination Proposal Ideas: How To Nail Your Marriage Proposal

If you live in a grey urban jungle and want your proposal to be truly memorable, why not whisk your partner away to an exotic and unusual destination and propose while you are on holiday? Not only will you both be relaxed and able to focus fully on the other, but there is also unlikely to be any interruptions from friends and family in on your plans and anxious to observe the moment!

Destination Proposal Ideas: How to Nail Your Marriage Proposal | UK Lifestyle Blog

Where to Go?

There are so many wonderful places all over the world, but your proposal should take place somewhere that is beautiful, memorable, and evocative for both of you. If you aspire to the high life, you could save up for a stay at a five-star resort, in one of the premium suites and include all the hedonistic trimmings that you can, making your proposal the highlight of the stay.

If this sounds like too much pressure, a relaxing beach holiday is an option, as is a cozy and private cabin in the woods, holed up with everything you need and each other. Otherwise, there are niche destinations, like going to watch the Northern Lights glow and flicker in the sky while you pop the question. Any of these are good choices for a destination proposal, plus your partner may have mentioned a place that they are particularly fond of that you could book tickets for instead.

Do Tell

Do let the concierge at the hotel know what you are planning and when. Not only is this just polite, but they can also warn you about contingencies, such as a planned fire drill, for example, so you can pick your moment better or let you know which restaurant is the best for romantic wining and dining. Very often – although this should never be expected – they will comp you a meal, a special dessert, or a bottle of champagne to celebrate your engagement, or even upgrade your room to the honeymoon suite for a taste of things to come.

Plan Ahead

You will be far from home and unable to pop back and fetch anything you have forgotten – such as the ring, for example! Or, if you want your partner to have input on the design of the ring, it is something that you can work on together while you have the time and leisure on holiday, make sure you bring all the website links, such as this one:, for your loose diamonds, and your plans, sketches and costings.

Finally, and perhaps rather grimly, plan your proposal for the end of the holiday. This is just in case you are turned down for any reason – and it can happen, people can suddenly get cold feet, decide that they want something a little different in their life, or even just panic and say ‘no’ without thinking about it properly. Should you be rejected, it is much easier to get through one or two days with your new ex than a whole week! But hopefully, that will not happen, and you will return home, triumphant, tanned, and freshly engaged!

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