How The Entry To Your Home Is As Important As The Inside For Selling

As most of you know, I’ve just bought a lovely 2 bedroom new build house as my first property. It took me almost a year until I found the right place for me to purchase but it was worth the wait! I ended up buying off the plan, however I browsed hundreds of properties and viewed plenty which got me thinking about first impressions.

Many of us regularly update and refresh the look of our homes for our own personal tastes. For some, it is a battle waged on the war of increasing house prices, as we try to ensure our house is as valuable as possible. Retaining the value of our homes is never enough. We need to make sure our house sits firmly at the very top end of the pricing bracket, to maximise our return on investment.

How The Entry To Your Home Is As Important As The Inside For Selling | UK Lifestyle Blog

You may be browsing the web and magazines for some great ideas on how to improve your home. There are many sites dedicated to interior decoration or garden landscaping. Each of these can significantly increase the value and appeal of your home, but have you spent much time thinking about the kerb appeal of your property. The entry to your home must look inviting, and appeal to the kind of people that would be interested in a property like yours. It must appear secure and safe, and blend in with the overall style of your home.

Lots of people are wanting to move away from the uPVC white front doors. While they are thought to be the most secure and weatherproof, they can easily get scuff marks that prove to be very difficult to get rid of. This makes the property feel dirty and uncared for even before your potential buyer has stepped inside. Most of us would love a beautiful solid wood door, but the weather in this country does not treat them well. They can sweat, shrink and expand, and then they become stuck. They require regular painting or treating too.

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A composite front door may be a good compromise for a new front door. These can look very much like wood without any of the maintenance or security problems. They are usually much cheaper to buy than a solid wood door as well, and will continue to look good long after the uPVC ones have become scuffed. Buying a composite door means you have more say in the design and colour of the door too, allowing you to make a statement at the entry to your home.

The windows of our home are like the eyes of the building. Some new build houses have very small windows that feel like they need to be opened up. Houses from the early seventies have giant picture windows that verge on looking like an entire wall of glass has been put in place. This is sometimes a nice idea if the view through them is good. Shutters on the inside of big windows, or to decorate the surround of small windows can help shape the ‘eyes’ of your home, and focus the light or view to a more defined area.

Choose your path lighting and porch light carefully. While solar lighting is great, some require long cables from the panels to the light, and these can be displaced, causing a trip hazard. If you have steps, you might want to consider paver lights to help clearly define the steps presence. Make your house a welcoming home this year.

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