Great Road Trips Destinations In Europe (Itinerary Ideas + Tips!)

The sense of adventure of a road trip is incomparable. The moment you put the key in your car and you start up the engine, the exact moment a new experience unravels in front of you. An adventure into the unknown starring you as the protagonist. There’s just only you and the open road. But where would you really like to go?

Today I’ve been reminiscing about our 2-month road trip around Europe and we’ve started talking about getting another van. I started researching the top road trip destinations in Europe so I pulled together a post of some places we’d like to return to and some places we want to add to our ‘Visited’ pin map.

Great Road Trips Destinations in Europe (Itinerary Ideas + Tips!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

St. Bernard Crossing, Switzerland

It is the third-highest road in Switzerland connecting Martigny with Aosta in Italy. It is also the lowest pass between the two peaks of the Alps, Mont Blanc, and Monte Rosa. For those who are ecstatic about the beauty of the Alps, this is your path. Some of you may know, the Alps has a special place in my heart (read why here!).

Apart from being a beautiful place, this is also the route taken by Napoleon’s army to invade Italy, so it’s pretty historic. Along the way, we meet many small and picturesque medieval villages. The trail passes through the border triangle of Switzerland, France, and Italy in case you would like to visit one of these three countries.

Great Road Trips Destinations in Europe (Itinerary Ideas + Tips!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

Romantic Street, Germany

The so-called Romantic Road, from Würzburg to the Alps, is one of the most exciting road trips. It stretches from north to south for about 350 kilometers from Wurzburg to the medieval, atmospheric city of Fussen, passing through the Danube, and owes its name to the impression it made on the Allies after the end of World War II. There are dozens of beautiful villages and towns along this axis with romantic character, castles, and wonderful nature.

At the same time, the route from Wurzburg to the city of Fussen, against the backdrop of the dazzling mountain peaks is genuinely unforgettable. The road passes through Hohenschwangau Castle and ends at Neuschwanstein Castle, the famous palace of Louis II, in the middle of an evocative landscape at an altitude of 965 meters. The castle was actually under construction when we visited but I’d love to return another time.

Great Road Trips Destinations in Europe (Itinerary Ideas + Tips!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

Of course, if you do not own a car during your visit to Germany, you do not need to worry. Enjoy Travel provides you with a vast range of rental cars where you can choose the best prices, which you can pick up immediately upon arrival at any German airport you desire, to start your road adventure immediately.

Grossglockner High Alpine Road, Austria

This road was built at the end of World War I. Without a doubt, it is one of the most impressive streets in Europe with panoramic views. The mountain road is 48 km long and leads to the heart of the High Tauern National Park, which contains 36 turns around the mountain, following the natural course of the land and helping visitors to experience the tremendous high alpine landscape. Museums, nature and panoramic paths, unique exhibitions, information points, playgrounds, and large waterfalls await you in twelve selected locations.

The Western Highlands in Scotland

Scotland’s historic Highlands are also known for their incredible natural beauty. Fill your car and drive from Edinburgh to the Isle of Skye, and you will taste the different elegance of Scotland. Castles, forests, wildlife, and picturesque houses that will make you want to come back for more!

Great Road Trips Destinations in Europe (Itinerary Ideas + Tips!) | UK Lifestyle Blog

We found having a car in Scotland so handy because we could go to areas that were a little bit more remote and less touristy. You’ll find this is the case for most places, but it was especially true for Scotland.

Mediterranean Spain

The Mediterranean Sea covers over 1660 km of Spanish coastline, from Tarifa, the southernmost point of the entire European continent in the province of Cádiz, to the rocky cliffs of Cabo de Creus, on the Spanish-French border in northern Catalonia.

This quaint road trip starts in Barcelona and includes stunning locations like Valencia, where you can enjoy local wine, stroll in the historic old town or maybe rent a jet ski to explore the coastline. The journey continues all the way down to lovely Andalusia, the Sierra Nevada, Granada, and Malaga – too many shades in one brush one might say.

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