How SEO Metrics Can Help You Get a Better Understanding Of Your Target Audience

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is mainly known as a series of techniques aimed at making websites more visible in Google or other search engines, but there is actually so much more that can be earned for the process.

One of the central ideas in SEO is to create content that is in line with what users are looking for. Keyword research reports can relay the exact things that internet users are interested in about a certain topic.

Once this specialised content is created and unleashed onto the World Wide Web, website administrators can keep track of its evolution and its user reach by interpreting how the page ranks in search engines.

How SEO Metrics Can Help You Get a Better Understanding of Your Target Audience | UK Lifestyle Blog

The process is extremely simple, but its uses are far more than meets the eye. Aside from page rank analysis, these SEO metrics can provide some valid information about the website’s target audience. In this article, we will explain how SEO can be a valuable marketing tool.

Interpreting Page Rankings and Correlating Results with Target Audiences

When the keyword rankings of the various pages of a website are analysed, website admins can find if these pages are performing as expected. The page-by-page analysis can tell the SEO specialist if the content has been properly optimised for search engines and it can provide pointers about the elements that could be improved.

But, from a marketing standpoint, the global assessment of page rankings can provide essential information about what the readers of the website are actually interested in. This is extremely important for understanding where the interest of the readers is polarised.

How SEO Metrics Can Help You Get a Better Understanding of Your Target Audience | UK Lifestyle Blog

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In fact, SEO metrics analysis can offer information about the specific pages on the website that users visit most and the amount of time they spend on them. This can provide valuable data regarding the patterns that users have in their interaction with the content on the website.

And you may ask how that can be used as a marketing tool. Well, this straight to the point analysis can pinpoint the parts of the website that are most popular with users, as well as those that are not reaching them properly.

This could guide the website admin when it comes to creating new content that is crafted to fit reader patterns. This means not only creating more of the content that users read, but also guiding the content creation process to be in line with the interaction pattern displayed by the readers.

SEO Metrics Analysis as A Marketing Tool – An Example

To get a better idea of what SEO can do for understanding target audiences, we are going to take a specific example. Let’s say you have a specialised website, like a lottery ticket concierge site where people come to play the world’s biggest lotteries.    

How SEO Metrics Can Help You Get a Better Understanding of Your Target Audience | UK Lifestyle Blog

By reading the site’s SEO metrics, you can find out what readers find most interesting on your site. If these are the pages about the biggest lottery winners in the world, then maybe you can consider writing more about winner stories that may inspire your readers to interact with the site even more.

Another element that can be extracted from this analysis is which are the specific lottery games that readers are most interested in, as well as those that they are not connecting with. By understanding how users interact with the product, the website administrator can create a solid strategy that can give users more of what they already like, but that can also present the less popular products in a way that they can get interested in.

As you can see, interpreting SEO metrics can offer information that is extremely valuable for understanding a website’s target audience. A comprehensive analysis of the website’s rankings can tell the admin exactly what should be on the site to please the users. As such, the marketing use of processing SEO metrics is an added value of the process that can truly make a difference for a website’s evolution. 


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