How To Add a Bit Of Sparkle To Your Tired Home Before Xmas ✨

There are many different motivations for completing home improvements and these will range from complete makeovers and projects to simple, cheap things that will make a difference.  Generally when changes are made, this has a positive impact – not only for those living in the house but sometimes for the actual value.

You will find that people will complete some simple interior design work when they are on the path to selling it.  The photographs for selling the home are crucial to getting people in the door and the good quality interior can help make a sale go through a lot easier. We have come up with a few things you should consider if looking to improve the interior of your home.

How to Add a Bit of Sparkle to Your Tired Home Before Xmas ✨ | UK Lifestyle Blog

A splash of colour

One of the most effective ways to improve the interior of your home is to give it a lick of paint.  Here you will be able to give the walls a refresh with as many plain or vibrant colours as you choose.  It is becoming more and more common nowadays for people to have painted walls in their homes rather than wallpaper.

This then makes it all the easier to have a change. In addition to painted walls, you will find that some people actually follow through with some stenciling on the wall.  This could be a picture or a word. If you do decide to go for the route of the painted wall then be sure to consider allowing a painter and decorator to do this for you (unless you deem yourself an expert).  Not only can this be messy but it’s generally not an enjoyable task.

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Switch up your doors

When shopping around, you want to make sure you get the best priced doors for your home.   You can do this online or at local retailers where checking out the prices from different stores will be an exercise worth pursuing to save a few quid. There are many things you can do with the interior doors to painting the ones you have to change them to more modern ones. If you think of places such as bathrooms and kitchens, there are more unique options you could go for which include sliding doors.

Adding some warmth

In the UK it is specifically important to ensure you have a credible heating system.  One of the most common ways to heat the home is via central heating.  Over the years the efficiency of these techniques has improved drastically and with better efficient radiators and boilers there is money to be saved in the long term if you choose the correct package.

In addition to this, the actual radiators in some homes (especially if the home is old) are pretty ugly and do not look appealing. You could consider keeping the current central heating system that you have but renewing the actual radiators.  In the bathroom, a simple change you could make is to change the radiator in there to a towel rack radiator to give a little bit of modern spin to it.

Upgrade your windows

Most modern homes will be fitted with double glazed windows that are as secure and heat efficient as you can imagine however not all homes have this.  By upgrading the windows you have to double glazed ones, not only are you improving the look but you are most likely improving the security of your home and the heat efficiency.

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This option is not cheap and depending on the size of your home could set you back a good few thousand pounds. Make sure that if following through with this option you shop around and don’t jump with the first company you make contact with as the range in prices will vary quite significantly.

Refresh your floors

If you have a carpet in certain areas of the home, you may wish to consider changing the carpet so it is something a little more vibrant.  Carpets can sometimes look pretty worn quite quickly depending on how much it is used.

If you have children or pets then you can expect it to only have a specific lifespan.  Carpet laying isn’t too difficult however if you mess this up then you could find yourself to be short of carpet. Where you purchase the carpet, they are more than likely to offer a laying service which is generally not expensive depending on the area.

Another consideration is to actually do away with carpets completely and opt for flooring. You will find that this is a much more common option nowadays and a lot of homes will have this in many or all rooms. A big advantage of going for the flooring options is the maintenance.  These generally have a long lifespan (if they are of good quality) and require very little upkeep.

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