How To Add a Touch Of Rock ‘n’ Roll To Your Home

Rock star interior design doesn’t have to mean leopard print and shag carpets – it can mean a carefully curated jumble of accessories that play into the music lover’s lifestyle. An artfully displayed guitar collection, a colourful alphabetized vinyl selection, and a few retro touches can bring your living room, studio, or den to life.

Vinyl’s made a major comeback in the past few years, with sales at a 28-year high. Vinyl looks, smells, and sounds amazing, and you can really utilise this quality in your home décor.

How to add a touch of Rock 'n' Roll to your home | UK Lifestyle Blog

Head to any East London vintage fair and you’re bound to see cake stands fashioned out of vinyl. Coasters are another simple touch that amp up the rock vibe in your living room.

Wall clocks, bookends, and other home accessories can also be crafted out of vinyl. If you want to get creative, you can even take some old LPs from the charity shop and start upcycling them yourself.

Sometimes the subtle accessories can bring an overall rock vibe to your kitchen, like these guitar-shaped wooden salad spoons. Your guests may not even notice them at first but they can be a quirky touch without overdoing the theme.

The key to walk the line between rock and roll excess and stylish interiors is to choose your artwork or accessories carefully. A blown up photograph, pop art, or splashes of animal prints can all bring your theme to life without overdoing it.

Splash out on luxe touchable fabrics, vintage furniture, and boho artwork, or keep it simple with a guitar in the corner and a vinyl wall clock. The beauty of rock and roll is its individuality.

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