How To Choose a Brush, And When To Use a Comb

A big part of keeping your hair healthy is using the right brush and comb. I had absolutely no idea you could do damage with the wrong tools. So I’ve written a bit of a guide for choosing the bright brush or comb and what I’m loving right now!

How to choose a brush, and when to use a comb | UK Lifestyle Blog

Picking a brush

Firstly, depending on how long your hair is, this will determine what kind of brush you’ll need. For short hair, a medium round brush can boost the volume significant. However, for those who have medium or long hair, like me, a large round brush adds the needed body to the hair. 

A small oval brush is used only to blow dry the bangs. A paddle brush is used to help remove moisture from your hair before you blow dry. This cuts down the actual time of heat on the hair and helps maintain quality of the hair. 

A teasing brush works for those who tease volume into the hair. You backcomb with the brush at the crown of your head for the lift. The flat brush has also become more popular over the years because work well to create a more polished look in record time. 

I’ve been using the GHD dressing brush for the last few weeks and it’s been working wonders for my hair, since. It’s made from natural bristle, which helps distribute the hair’s natural conditioning oils along the hair shaft, adds shine and lustre as you brush.

This, coupled with a few pumps of the GHD Total Volume Foam to give my hair a bit of ‘oomph!’, and the finishing spray combats fly-aways. The foam needs to be applied to damp hair, and contains heat protection, too!

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How to choose a brush, and when to use a comb | UK Lifestyle Blog

When to use a comb

For wavy hair, a wide tooth comb is the tool to use, and finger picking is the preferred method, but not always possible. Never use a brush of any sort on wet hair. The hair is too fragile. No matter how soft the bristles, the hair cuticles will tear.

To detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb, be sure to start at the roots of your hair and hold the hair at the tangle with your other hand as you comb through. Work your way down, taking your time with each tangle to smooth it out.

A comb is also the preferred tool on dry hair that needs untangling. Using the same methods, take your time and work through your hair in sections. A comb also helps to distribute the natural oils in your hair in a more uniform manner.

A short or blunt cut may never need anything more than a wide tooth comb. For medium and longer styles, a comb is excellent in dividing the hair in sections to style or braid. Another tool that is invaluable for curly hair is a pick. The pick has much wider teeth and will help prevent damage as you style your hair.

What do you use on your hair?

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