How To Promote Your Blog Using Social Media

Sharing the blog posts on social media sites like Twitter, Google + or Facebook is an effective way of gaining more audience. In this article we are going to discuss a few innovative ideas which would help you promote your blog through social media beyond sharing links.

How to promote your blog using social media | UK Lifestyle Blog

Create a link to your blog on every social media site

Once you have come up with your blog the first thing you need to do is make it visible on all the social media profiles. This implies that you need to update your existing profiles and include an URL to your blog in the ‘about me’ section.

Stress on the visual aspects

It is well known that tweets which contain images gain more popularity. Some of the most trending social networks like Snapchat, Pinterest or Instagram are entirely based on visuals. Try to include images for all the important points in your article. Leveraging the visual while promoting your contents, would allow you to reach out to a much larger audience.

Create a compelling headline

If you want your posts to immediately catch the attention of a reader you need to be careful about the title. Instead of settling for one title you can create different headlines for the different social media network.

Share your posts at the right time

If you are targeting maximum engagement then you need to what time your audience are most likely to be online and active. Different social media platforms have different peak times. However you can find many infographics which would tell you about the best time to post in a particular social media site. Make use of Facebook Insights or 3rd party tools like Follower Wonk and find out the best time for posting your content.

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Ask questions and be interactive

You need to motivate your readers to engage with your content by asking for suggestions and feedback. Just by asking for a response you can improve your content marketing as well as public relations. Try to include a question which would prompt your readers to respond. They are proven attention grabbers and would help in better promotion of your blog.

Post multiple times

Posting the same content more than one times would lead to increased audience engagement. For this you need to come up with multiple headlines and multiple images for your content. Posting more than one times on social media would make sure that all your potential audience gets a chance to see your post.

Host a Google Hangout

If you are looking for a more personal way of connecting with your audience then you should consider hosting a one to one session on Google Hangout.

Share your content in the LinkedIn groups

The easiest way of promoting a blog on LinkedIn is by sharing the post in relevant LinkedIn groups. Therefore you must try to find groups which are relevant to your niche and join the discussion. Do not try to sound too much promotional since no one likes to talk to a sells person.

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