How To Use Prints To Add Colour & Elevate Your Home

To finish off our home, we’ve decorated the walls with prints and frames from the Poster Store . Here are our two cents on how to use prints to add colour and elevate your home:

How to Use Prints to Add Colour & Elevate Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

Add a splash of colour

Painting walls and buying bright furniture isn’t the only way to add some colour to your interior design. Wall decorations are less of a commitment than painting and they can add a burst of colour without taking up any floor space (perfect for brightening up small, dark corners!).

Find prints that compliment your existing style and pair them with frames to add interest. There are lots of different types of prints, from nature prints and botanicals, photography, and typography prints . We personally fill our home with mostly abstract art, as it’s timeless and adds colour without being overwhelming.

Create a gallery wall

Gallery walls are a hot trend sweeping across Instagram, Houzz, and Pinterest. It’s an affordable way to inject personality on a blank wall in an affordable way. Finding collections of art or choosing a theme can help when planning a gallery wall. Matching frames offer a cohesive, classic look.

Blending wall art with your own images is a great way to add your part of the story to an interesting and attractive piece of wall art. For example, select 6 posters and add 3 of your own images with matching picture frames to create a stunning gallery wall.

Consider different frames

Depending on the print and the style of the room it’s being displayed in, consider switching up different frame types to add interest. We opted for white wooden frames for some of the calming pieces around our home on the third floor where the bedrooms are, but we’ve gone for black metal frames downstairs.

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I’m especially in love with this cute wooden magnetic frame that we’ll be hanging up in the nursery. It’s perfect for a small print, easy to install, and super affordable. The wood finish matches the furniture we have planned for the nursery and the frame design is just a bit more playful.

Get the look

The majority of the frames and prints in our home are from the Poster Store . They stock a large poster selection of different themes and categories and release a new poster collection every Tuesday. There are endless options whatever your style and it’s easy to mix and match collections.

Use voucher code STRAWBERRYSQUEEZE40 to get 40% off your order (except Selection Posters and frames). Not combinable with other discount campaigns. Valid from 26th of October to 9th of November.

Our home has a slight Scandinavian design to it, so the posters and frames available fit our style perfectly, as well as being good quality and affordable. The Poster Store has great eco-credentials, too, which is one of the reasons it’s our preferred place to purchase art 👇

How to Use Prints to Add Colour & Elevate Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

Think sustainability

Buying from sustainable brands is more important than ever right now.

All the prints and frames from the Poster Store are eco-friendly. The posters are printed on sustainably produced high-quality paper, and their frames are made from wood that comes from responsibly managed forests that meet the highest environmental and social standards.

Their sustainability ethos extends beyond their products, as they are mindful of their environmental impact from a delivery perspective. To minimize their carbon footprint on the environment, they use the shortest transport routes and smart logistics.

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