Is A Spa Weekend The Right Choice For Your Hen Party?

The time has come; one of your best friends in the entire world is getting married! It’s such an exciting time for her, her future husband, and those around them both, so you want everything involved to go as smoothly as possible.

To avoid any hiccups when it comes to the hen party, you’ll want to be sure that you’ve got it all planned out and ready to go – this way you can steer clear of potholes and give the blushing bride-to-be the send-off into married life that she deserves. If you’re looking for something a little more than just a few drinks in town, hen party spa days can be a fantastic option – they give you something to do, time to relax, and are a nice intimate way for the bride to spend time with her best friends before her big day.

Is A Spa Weekend The Right Choice For Your Hen Party? | UK Lifestyle Blog

1) Pace Yourselves 

Whilst it may not be something that you want to hear, pacing yourselves throughout the day is vital if you want to have a day that’s remembered fondly rather than not remembered at all. If you’re heading to a spa, it’s likely that you’ll be out early and then partying on into the night, so if you want to enjoy the day you’ll have to pace yourself or risk ending up tucked up in bed by 7pm. We’d suggest making sure you’ve had some hearty food before you pop open the prosecco, then try not to go too overboard with the drinks whilst you’re still in the early hours of the celebrations. 

2) Be Respectful 

Up next is a hugely important one, not just for you and your group but for everyone else too. You’ve seen it before; a rowdy group of stags or hens being loud, brash, and disrespectful to those around them, and you hated every second of it. Avoid being those people by staying aware of your surroundings when in the public spaces and by remaining respectful and polite to the staff at the spa – they’re there to ensure that you have a fantastic day of relaxing and pampering and don’t deserve to be subject of arrogant behaviour. If you’re a larger group, why not look into renting an entire location? This gives you the opportunity to have a little more leeway in the way that you act, as well as a little bit more privacy during this intimate event.

3) Enjoy Yourselves! 

Finally, most party of any party, have fun! There can be a lot of stress and hassle in the run-up to a wedding, much of which pops up completely unexpectedly, so it’s nice to have a day put aside to just relax, forget that stress, and have a fabulous time. Whether it’s a caterer who’s being a pain to deal with, a florist who’s struggling to source the right flowers or a venue that’s being a stickler for rules, there’s so much that can cause stress surrounding a wedding, but with the right planning, you can make sure that the hen party isn’t one of these stress-causers. 

Hen parties at a spa location are a great change of pace to the usual protocol of heading to bars and drinking the night away; spa days are the ultimate way to relax and unwind, especially when you have your closest friends by your side! This makes these days, or weekend breaks, the ideal hen party event for groups who are looking to steer clear of the stereotypical drunken night out and look to do something a little more sophisticated, intimate, and grown-up. 

However you choose to spend your hen party, we hope you have an amazing day and wish you all the best for married life!

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