Learn How To Type Faster: 3 Touch Typing Tips For Freelancers

Everyone wants to be able to type better. I learnt to touch-type when I was a kid and now type 80 words per minute on average, but I’m always looking to improve. Regardless of whether you’re typing on mobile or desktop, we all do it in some shape or form – especially if you’re freelancing.

You may not realise it right now but it’s incredibly important so learning to type better is only going to benefit you, especially as your business grows. I’ve written up some top tips to help benefit you type better, from typing games to simple exercises you can do on your computer

Learn How to Type Faster: 3 Touch Typing Tips for Freelancers | UK Lifestyle Blog

Typing Games

There are some awesome typing games out there that can help you learn to type better, such as this typing game by Fenetic Wellbeing. Typing games help you to not only type faster but also more accurately and encourage you to learn touch typing. Touch typing is the ability to type without looking at your keyboard and can become incredibly useful if you’re needing to type faster. You’ll often be presented with a time limit, with the Fenetic game you get 60 seconds and have to type as many words from a chosen category, ranging from sport to UK cities.

Teach yourself

It’s quite easy to teach yourself how to type faster, you just need to do it more often. In particular, on mobile, we have come so accustomed to the keyboard from using it regularly to text our friends and family. Do the same with your desktop, open up a word document and try and type a sentence as fast as you can or without looking at the screen. See how accurately you can type and keep tracking it over time to see your progress. Time yourself for a minute and see how many words you can type, look back in the future and you’ll see how far you’ve come.

Simple exercises

There are some simple and fun exercises you can do to learn to type faster and more accurately. One exercise is to blindfold yourself and try and type out a sentence. Simply run your fingers along with the keys and you’ll slowly develop muscle memory and remember where the keys were, thus, typing more accurately.

You can also get typing tutors if you’re taking it really seriously and want to learn more. You can always teach yourself with a few simple tricks and exercises, such as the ones mentioned above. If you have any tricks or tips feel free to comment below, I’m always open to new ideas!

Author: Sam Charles

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