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Let’s talk about positive body image NOW #WomanKind

Do you feel often feel that women are kinder to others than they are to themselves? And feel that the relationship many women have with themselves could be stronger, talking about themselves in a way they wouldn’t talk about others – if so, then you are not alone.

In fact, according to research conducted by the people at Weight Watchers UK, as part of their latest campaign #WomanKind – 89% of women would compliment others in a way they would never compliment themselves, 82% feel that they could have a stronger relationship with themselves and 85% wish they could be kinder to themselves.

Let's talk about positive body image NOW #WomanKind | UK Lifestyle Blog

Weight Watchers #WomanKind campaign aims to help women feel more confident within their mind, body and soul. I cannot commend Weight Watchers enough for this, as this is absolutely the message we should be sending to ladies of all shapes and sizes.

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Women finding it difficult to loose weight often  struggle with negative body image when they gain a few extra pounds. Therefore, weight loss for women requires education, and motivation, in addition to activity and proper food choices.

Motivation can be the starting point for any woman to take the initiative to lose weight but is not the only factor involved to keep it off. Women must also learn the root cause of why they are overweight in the first place. This is important because many women who have successfully lost weight in the past soon gained all of their weight back in spite of being highly motivated!

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Dannii from Hungry Health Happy has offered her top tips for achieving a positive body image, and it’s truly inspiring! You can read her post online here. It got me thinking of even MORE ways that we can promote this positive outlook!

  1. Track and remind yourself of milestones, so they are never overlooked
  2. Compliment somebody once a day, and really MEAN it
  3. Everyday write down something that you are proud of
  4. Don’t put yourself down for that cupcake, or not going for a run – it’s okay
  5. Be proud of your body, what you’ve achieved and how far you’ve come

The journey to weight loss is also much easier when women stop expecting identical results from a transformation program based on their peers’ weight loss.

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Once a woman finds an effective weight loss program that addresses their specific metabolic, hormonal and emotional needs, they simply need to repeat these steps each day to achieve weight loss success long term!


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  1. HBR March 12, 2016 at 6:41 pm - Reply

    Great post with such a strong message.

    A tip that really helped me was don’t speak to yourself in a way you wouldn’t speak to a friend… You’d never call your friend useless/fat/ugly etc. so why would you call yourself those things?

    I also agree about not beating yourself up about what you don’t do, and instead focusing on what you do do.



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