Must-Have Stationery Equipment For Freelance Work

Becoming a freelancer means working from home and creating a workday for yourself. However, this doesnโ€™t necessarily mean you can work from anywhere where your comfortability or productivity will be compromised. As a freelancer, you need to have a cozy home office with equipment and resources that will help you yield better results.

Every freelancer must have a suitable office and appropriate equipment needed for the job. To get you started, you need to find stationery equipment that will help you facilitate your freelance work. Now we’ve got most of our furniture in the new office, we’re starting to purchase the little things, like stationary! Here are some things you’ll need to consider…

Must-Have Stationery Equipment for Freelance Work | UK Lifestyle Blog

1. A Computer and Internet Connection

You cannot work as a freelancer without a computer and a reliable internet connection. Since your work depends on one machine, you must choose a computer that perfectly suits your freelance work. Which is exactly why I’ve finally treated myself to a new MacBook Pro!

Choosing your computer configuration will depend on your needs and the kind of work that you do. Begin by identifying your preferred computer specs depending on the type of projects you intend to handle. Secondly, identify whether to get a laptop or a desktop computer and purchase whatever is the best option for your working style and. habits.

As a freelancer, your internet connection is one of your most essential working tools. Your internet connection should be strong and stable enough to ensure your work is done with zero interruptions. Also, consider working with a trustworthy service provider to avoid risking internet service interruptions.

2. Furniture

Working as a freelancer means spending a lot of time sitting at your desk. You must invest in comfortable office stationery such as a desk and chair to maintain good posture during your workday. Recently, more advanced furniture designs are extremely comfortable and support your back fully while typing. Sam has become an office chair expert, as of late. Whilst I find sitting on an exercise ball is best for my posture and my lifestyle.

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To maintain a good workflow, you must invest in a good closet or shelves where you can store your books, files, and other documents to ensure everything is functional and coincides with your needs. We have the same storage that we had in the old house, which isn’t beautiful, but it’s functional. It’s heavy-duty, lockable, and enormous, giving us a huge amount of storage space!

Must-Have Stationery Equipment for Freelance Work | UK Lifestyle Blog

3. Files

Regardless of your job specialty, you need to have several files as they help in keeping documents safe and easily accessible. Often, you may find yourself with piles and piles of important documents that have no immediate use but are vital in your work. Documents that are safely kept will not easily tear, get dirty, or lost.

We keep all of our files in the storage cabinets so we have peace of mind that they’re safe and protected. You may choose to get a fireproof safe, too, if you need something that’s going to protect valuable documents. We’re regularly destroying documents as well, so we’re not storing more than we actually need to. Remember GDPR, kids!

4. Notebooks and Pens

Having notebooks and pens while working on any project helps you record each detail required by the client or the customer. Notebooks will also help note down creative ideas for your project as they appear in your head, which helps increase your productivity. I also find having a notebook is better when I’m on a Zoom call with somebody, so they can actively see I’m writing, as opposed to clicking around on my screen, which may come across as if I’m distracted.

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It is important to have different notebooks for various assignments as this helps you stay organized and makes things easy to reference when you require them in the future. As a volunteer, I’m often working on lots of different projects, completely unrelated to my work, and I don’t want anything to get mixed up. There’s a good reason for this, but also it just easier to keep track of.

Must-Have Stationery Equipment for Freelance Work | UK Lifestyle Blog

A Daily Planner

It may be challenging to keep track of all your work and projects, especially if you have busy schedules. Therefore, as a freelancer, you need to invest in a good desk planner to plan your schedule for the whole week. Having a planner helps to enhance productivity, manage stress levels, and maintain reliable records.

Alternatively, you can use an online app such as Trello or Asana to keep tabs on your to-do lists and priorities. It’s helpful being able to separate projects out and assign deadlines, but most of all, I love the flexibility of being able to move things around in the planner without having a messy book full of scribbles (or a mash of communication across text and email!).

Take Ownership of Your Home Office

You can give your home office a personal touch by investing in the right equipment. Appropriate office equipment makes you relaxed, confident, and productive, leading to a successful freelance career.

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