Organic Matcha Tea Powder Benefits & Why I’m OBSESSED!

Are you one of those people trying to shed off few extra pounds? Do you want to have a healthier and fitter body? In that case, do not fall for one of the miracle diets which promise amazing results with little or no effort.

Diets like the high protein low carbohydrate are not healthy for your body and even though they might temporarily slim you down, this will put a big strain on your kidneys and liver. Is it seriously worth it? The inside of your body will not be as healthy as you would hope for.

This is where organic Matcha tea comes in..

Organic Matcha tea powder benefits & why I'm OBSESSED! | UK Lifestyle Blog

If your aim is to have a healthy body while loosing few extra pounds, then the combination of healthy eating regime and drinking organic Matcha green tea is the right way to go! Sorry to tell you, this post isn’t an easy ‘beach bod’ fix.

Matcha tea and diet? Why?

Matcha green tea is your best friend in your effort to slim down. For thousands of years, the Chinese and Japanese have been drinking this miracle brew because of its medicinal properties. Only recently, this organic drink has been introduced to the west and it definitely was a great hit.

Today, Matcha green teas made its way to coffee shops, supermarkets and is dominating the organic drinks industry. Now EVERYBODY is raving about this super healthy tea. So, I set out to find out, what’s all the hype?

Organic Matcha tea powder benefits & why I'm OBSESSED! | UK Lifestyle Blog
Matcha on-the-go powder from TeaPigs

There are several reasons why Matcha tea facilitates your weight loss. First of all, the natural ingredients contained in Matcha tea help to speed up the metabolism rate of your body.

This means that your body will burn fat much more efficiently and convert it in to energy. Aside from maximising your body’s efficiency to burn fat and convert it in to energy, it can obviously help you to stay active and energised, which most diets fail to deliver.

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If you are feeling really tired or you are feeling that you would like an extra boost of energy, avoid those sugary energetic drinks and reach for Matcha green tea.

Organic Matcha tea powder benefits & why I'm OBSESSED! | UK Lifestyle Blog

I started doing the 14 day challenge, and definitely felt the difference in my energy levels and it helped me stick to a routine – by having enough energy to do your exercise you will speed up the slimming process. Do not forget that drinking Matcha tea alone does not make you slim overnight.

You will still have to adopt healthy eating regime and regular exercise (urgh – I KNOW!). BUT Matcha tea will help you to deliver the desired results faster and providing you with enough energy and speeding up your metabolism. The challenge is also great because there TeaPigs sent lots of recipes for smoothies, lattes and mocktails – yum!

How is Matcha different from other weight loss drinks?

Matcha tea is possibly the healthiest natural drink available (can you tell I’m a fan?). I love that it wasn’t created for weight loss programs and all of its weight loss attributes are derived from its natural nutrients. Matcha tea is known for its numerous health benefits and is 100% natural.

Other drinks which were designed for weight loss programmes are usually created using different performance enhancers and contain additives to speed up burning of calories.

Organic Matcha tea powder benefits & why I'm OBSESSED! | UK Lifestyle Blog
TeaPigs Matcha ice latte!

All Matcha tea does is speed up your body’s metabolism while providing enough energy for your body to get through the necessary exercise. This creates combination that enhances your chances of losing some weight without using unnecessary artificial weight loss drinks.

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How to make matcha tea latte

Matcha tea should be prepared using special kit for tea preparation, but if you are new to Matcha and don’t have this kit yet, don’t despair. For the purpose of practicality, I have used traditional widely available tools from the kitchen (e.g replacing bamboo whisk with electric whisk and bamboo scoop with small spoon).

Let the Matcha tea powder come to room temperature. Remember it has to be stored in an air-tight contained. Using a teaspoon place half a scoop of tea powder into the bowl.

You can adjust the amount of Matcha powder you use depending on how strong you prefer it or how many cups of tea you are making. Shift the tea powder through a strainer to avoid any lumps.

Organic Matcha tea powder benefits & why I'm OBSESSED! | UK Lifestyle Blog

After that add about 1/4 or 1/3 cup of simmering water. Remember not to use boiling water, you need to let the water sit for a while after you boiled it (or, why not try ice latte?).  Whisk the tea powder with the water to form a foam.

The powder will start slowly dissolving in the water creating bright green coloured foam. You should try to keep the whisk vertical and barely touching the bottom of the bowl.

All you need to do in the end is to pour the tea into cups and add the rest of boiled water, adjusting the strength of your tea according to your preference!


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