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5 Quirky Wedding Ideas You Need

If there is one feeling you don’t want on your wedding day, it’s to walk away wishing that you’d done things differently. You don’t want to have another typical wedding reception, either.

You want something that people will talk about for years. It’s those unique things that become the stuff of family legend, where all stories start with: ‘do you remember when?’. Your wedding day is supposed to be the biggest, most amazing day of your life, and finding a wedding style that suits you often means looking beyond the norm in the pretty wedding magazines and thinking a little more broadly.

Whether you decide to check out tricked-out transport with all the bells and whistles, or you want to hire in a live Morris dancing group to entertain the guests while they have their prosecco and canapes, your wedding day has to reflect precisely what you want. So, to make that lasting impression, here are five of the quirkiest ways you can make your wedding memorable.

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Table Decorations

Many people go for the standard flower arrangements and table games as a way to decorate their wedding guest tables. With a little thought, you could go beyond that. What about instead of a standard flower bouquet in a bowl, you go a little better with flower arrangements in ice? It’s bold and unique and most people won’t have thought of it at all. You could also choose to swap flower bouquets for small trees adorned with twinkly lights!

Hang Out Space

A wedding is a place to mingle, but there’s often waiting around while photographs are taken and waiting for the bride and groom. Filling a space with squashy chairs and large bean bags is a good way to make a part of your reception room look inviting and give the guests somewhere to relax at the same time.

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Some seeerriiouss wedding goals 💖👆

Guest Transport

Some people are working close to their budget when it comes to providing wedding transport to their guests. You could choose to hire an entire bus and decorate it with ribbon, or you could go truly quirky and hire in some hot air balloons or a helicopter. You can customise each mode of transport to your wedding day and make it look great.

Live Escort Cards

Also known as ushers for the reception, you could have your guests taken to their seats and provided with a pre-meal cocktail. This way, you don’t spend money on printing seating cards and if you want to have a little something for the guests, why not go for personalised cake pops?

Party Bags

As a kid, party bags were a big deal after each birthday. Instead of offering favours at the end of the day, why not offer welcome bags, instead? You can have personalised paper tote bags printed and stuffed with goodies like labelled chocolates, a mini bottle of Prosecco and even a bag of confetti for you to throw at the happy couple.

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Your wedding has to stand out and be different from all the rest and these ideas can help you get there.

October 10, 2018|Weddings|

Why I’ve Just Had a ‘French-inspired’ Interiors Shopping Spree

Furnishing and decorating your home can be an extremely fun yet frustrating process. After all, you get the opportunity to let your creativity run wild and this can be highly enjoyable. Yet, at the same time, it can often be difficult to decide on what type of furniture you want and what sort of style you wish to go for.

One style of furniture which has boomed in popularity as of late is that of French style furniture. People seem to fall in love with the unique and picturesque style of furniture this option possesses.

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A distinct style with lots of character

French furniture possesses a style that is very distinct and is filled with character. You can guarantee that this is the sort of furniture that will add a wealth of personality and energy into the room in which it is placed.

This style is very much suited to those who take great pride in their homes and consider themselves to be a bit of a fashionista. Despite the fact that you can buy French furniture from lots of different places, each item seems to possess an individual and unique quality which makes the furniture look as if it is one of a kind.

It possesses an expensive and lavish quality to it, which can instantly upgrade a room and make it look luxurious. A final point worth noting with regards to style is that French style furniture is very much fashionable at the moment because it contains the vintage quality which is bang on trend.

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Transform a room with ease

Because French furniture has such a distinct appearance, it only takes one piece of furniture to instantly enhance and change the vibe and mood of the room in question. This is great for those who are looking to revitalise a certain room but do not have the money to completely change the entire appearance.

Whilst this may be a very specific style of furniture, there are actually lots of different styles and options available. This means that there is something to suit all tastes and all rooms in question.

It’s not as expensive as you think

An additional point worth noting is that because of the boom in the internet and online shopping, French style furniture is a lot cheaper than it used to be. This means that it is something that is generally affordable to all, and so if you look around online you are bound to find some fantastic deals.

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Cheap rugs are easy to find online, as are living room chairs and other adornments that will make a massive difference without requiring you to completely revitalise the room.

All in all, it is not hard to see why French furniture is such a popular choice today. Its style and character is something so unique and beautiful, meaning you will find it very difficult to replicate this feeling through another style of furniture. If you use the internet to your advantage then you will be able to find some great deals too.

October 4, 2018|Home Decor|
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UK Lifestyle Blog | UK Lifestyle Blog
UK Lifestyle Blog | UK Lifestyle Blog
UK Lifestyle Blog | UK Lifestyle Blog

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