Pleasure Paved With Travertine

Have you grown tired by the looks of your garden or backyard? Is the sight of gray, all the same concrete awful to you? You are thinking about changing something, but, yet you are uncertain what could it be, and how much will it cost you. One of the suggestions that we could offer is travertine. This beautiful, yet convenient stone is widely used for pavement, and it has numerous advantages.

Pleasure Paved with Travertine | UK Lifestyle Blog


Depending on your idea, this mineral can be used in various manners. You can take slabs of travertine and cover the whole backyard, or just the pathway. This stone looks rather stunning and interesting, so it will boost up the overall looks of your backyard. On the other hand, if you decide to put it in the area around your swimming pool, it will provide more natural looks, contrary to commonly and wide used ceramic tiles.

Never underestimate the beauty of paired natural elements, in this case, water and stone. Due to the fact that is coming in a wide plethora of colors and textures, it is also great idea to use it for bordering, for example, your flower garden. It will express and divert attention of your guests, and is guaranteed to make an impression.


Best known for its durability, this is probably one of the main reasons to use this type of stone. It is known that Coliseum had been made almost completely out of travertine, and it still stands as an example of something that can endure for such a long period. In addition, many weather conditions had changed for the almost two thousand years of its existence, adding to the incredible ability to resist rain, snow, and the scorching sun.

Equally for its durability, travertine is welcome for use for its stunning beauty and delightful texture, so you are free to experiment however you desire, according to your taste and imagination, claim highly-rated suppliers of travertine pavers. Also, being quite common and available, its’ price is not high, so you don’t have to spend small fortune, in order to fulfill your dreams.


Simply put, travertine requires almost no maintenance. By having far less degree of wearing out than some other material, and having far higher resistance, it is somewhat susceptible to acid, so avoid spilling any cleaning acid based liquid. Having once installed, it is not necessary to replace the plates, only in case of cracking, which is also, simply unbelievable.

Practically speaking, you can do almost all of the maintenance operations on your own. The only thing, on which you should pay attention to, is that can be slippery when wet, so some anti-slipping finish is highly advised, to avoid falls and injuries.

With everything said taken into consideration, the only thing you need is imagination to get the idea of which you desire to achieve. Make it your guideline, follow it, and stunning results won’t be absent. It is said that the beauty is in the eye of the observer, but you won’t to take that approach. You wish to leave observers speechless, and travertine pavement is the right choice for doing so.

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