The One Thing Almost Everyone Gets Wrong When Moving

There can be a lot to organise when you move into a new home. You’ll have to let everyone know your new address and sort out any decorating that is required. Obviously, if you move into a new build or fairly modern house, then there should be little decorating and maintenance that needs to be done – phew!

But if you have bought an old home, there could be quite a bit of work to do. Especially if you need to replace or install a completely new heating system.It’s no wonder that this is one of the most common things people get wrong when moving house. Below are some of the major pros and cons when considering heating:

The One Thing Almost Everyone Gets Wrong When Moving | UK Lifestyle Blog

Gas Central Heating

Heating your home with gas can be very cheap indeed! However, you need to be on the gas grid to be able to use this method of heating. All cities and towns will have access to the gas grid, however, some rural locations will not. If you choose gas central heating, you will need to get a boiler. This boiler uses gas to heat up both your home and your hot water. So it kills two birds with one stone! One important thing to remember is that your boiler will need to be regularly serviced. Many companies carry out this work including

Storage Heaters

Storage heaters look exactly like radiators and you can put them in your bedrooms, living room, and, well, any room! They can be installed anywhere and you don’t have to worry about pipes running through your rooms. Storage heaters are just as efficient as electrical heaters. The main difference between the two is that storage heaters restrict their use of electricity to off-peak hours, like at night.

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Log Burners

If you want to make things cosy in your living room, opt for a log burner. These are very popular at the minute and there’s no wonder why. These burners throw out a lot of heat and are much cleaner than regular open fires as they burn only wood and no coal. Not only are they super efficient at heating homes, but they can also add a chic element to your decor. If you love the farmhouse interior design trend, then a log burner could be for you!


Using infrared is one of the newest ways to heat your home. This modern technology is very eco-friendly and takes up hardly any space in your home. It is a favourite of homeowners who suffer from allergies as well. This is because it heats up the surfaces in a home instead of air and helps to reduce allergens in rooms. The room is then heated more evenly than it would be with a standard heating system. If you decide to go with infrared heating, you will need to pick the correct shape panels for your home. But the installation company can help you with this!

Of course, these are just a few of the various heating systems available to you. Before you commit to one, thoroughly research the topic online. Hopefully, this blog post will have given you some useful food for thought, though!

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