These Amazing Ideas Have Made Cleaning My House So Much Easier

Don’t get me wrong here, I love owning a home of my own, but what I don’t enjoy is the cleaning that comes with it. I hate mess and dirt, but the problem is that I also dislike cleaning.

You probably think that if that’s the case, why don’t I hire a cleaner – am I right? While hiring a cleaner is a great idea, I would feel funny about someone else doing my cleaning. I know I would be paying them, but even so, hiring a cleaner just isn’t for me. I may not like cleaning, but it is an important part of taking care of your home, so I guess I am going to have to learn to love it.

A friend of mine used to suffer from the same problem, how she got around it was by making cleaning easier for herself. So I thought I would ask her to share her top tips for making chores and cleaning easier, and this is what she said:

Invest in good-quality cleaning supplies

Don’t make the mistake of skimping when it comes to cleaning supplies, you will find it much easier with the right equipment. The essentials for cleaning your home properly include a good vacuum cleaner and a mop.

When it comes to choosing a mop, the only way to go is with a steam mop, they are amazing. To read up more about steam mops and how you can use them, have a look at You will also need some cleaning products, such as antibacterial spray, bathroom cleaner, and kitchen cleaner.

Clean as you go

Don’t let the mess in your house get out of control, as this will just make cleaning ten times harder. Instead, clean as you go, so as soon as you make a mess, clean it up. By cleaning as you go, you won’t have lots of cleaning to tackle at once, just small amounts throughout the day.

For instance, if you cook dinner while the food is cooking clean up the mess. Put rubbish in the bin, wipe the surfaces and wash up anything that you have used – it isn’t hard. You will find it much easier to keep on top of the housework if you do this, as there will rarely be large amounts of mess for you to deal with.

Do one chore each day

As well as cleaning up the mess you make on a daily basis, you also need to tackle things like the floors, windows, and washing. You will find it easier to deal with each of your cleaning tasks if you assign each task to a day, instead of trying to do everything at once.

For instance, on Mondays you could vacuum, Tuesdays wash the floors, and Wednesdays do the laundry. On Thursdays, you could clean the windows and bathroom, on Fridays vacuum again, and on Saturdays dust and do more laundry. On Sundays, give yourself a day off of cleaning. By assigning a couple of chores to each day, you will find it easier to manage your time and keep your house clean.

Cleaning your home might be an annoying job, but unless you want to live in filth, it’s necessary. I have found that by making cleaning easier for myself, that it is more enjoyable. You may not like cleaning, but trust me on this, if you make it easier, it won’t seem as bad.

Author: Sam Charles

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