9 Things Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want To Tell You

Let’s get something straight – I’m not talking about every boyfriend, so hold the “24 is definitely not true!” comments. After the spike of interest as soon as I posted stop comparing yourself to others, it got me thinking.. Everybody is so caught up in what everybody else is thinking, saying and doing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to be mindful, but when does it become counter productive?

I’ve been in relationships (this applies to platonic relationships too!), where I just feel like I’m constantly walking on eggshells. I’m now in a relationship where it’s open, honest and we can completely be ourselves. The best thing about this though, is I’ve felt like I’ve had a real insight to what really goes through a man’s head, and actually – it’s not as scary as you think.

9 things your boyfriend doesn't want to tell you | UK Lifestyle Blog

He actually really loved that chick flick

Fine, maybe initially he watched it just to keep you happy, and compromising wasn’t such a bad thing – but turns out, it was kind of funny.

He cares just as much about his appearance as you do yours

Yes! Men get just as hung up on these things as women do! He worries about how he looks in the morning too – and actually, you shouldn’t because he thinks messy buns are cute anyway.

He trusts your opinion

There isn’t any need to constantly seek approval. I think many of us feel we need to ask permission for our actions, whether it’s buying something or choosing to do something. He doesn’t mind if you spend all weekend in your pjs eating ice cream, or if you buy a new chest of drawers for the lounge. He trusts your judgement.

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He doesn’t just want sex

As hard as it is to believe, men have other impulses, too! But really, sometimes, especially if your man is exhausted, nothing beats a good back massage and a cuppa tea in bed. It’s not all about sex.

He wants more sex

Surely you saw this one coming? Perhaps this isn’t even about having MORE sex, but it’s about you coming onto him and making the first move in the bedroom. Maybe introduce some sexy underwear and some toys; if you’re new to this, I definitely recommend checking out Smile Makers.

He doesn’t think you need so much make up

Seriously girls, you should know this one. He doesn’t care how much make up you wear, he probably doesn’t notice the difference. Remember that smile you see first thing in the morning! You’re not caked in it then, so why bother?

He needs his space

Whether it’s sitting on reddit or drinking beer with his friends – men need space, and importantly, so do it! Embrace it ladies. It doesn’t mean he’s not interested. Gain some independence and give him a breather once and a while.

He sometimes agrees with you, just so you don’t have to argue anymore

If you always think you’re right about everything, let it go. And don’t even think about crying when you realise you were wrong (ahem attention seeker).

He actually really cares what his parents think about you

If you feel there’s some truth in this for you – he’s a keeper. Perhaps he see’s a long-term future with you, ding dong, wedding bells!

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