Planning a Babymoon Without Leaving The UK

Being pregnant during the pandemic means that there might have been certain things you missed out on. Perhaps it was having your partner present during those all-important ultrasounds, or maybe it was having a baby shower. Travelling abroad feels much like a distant memory since COVID-19 but you can still have a dreamy babymoon without hopping on a plane. 

As I’m approaching 8 months of pregnancy, I don’t particularly fancy carting myself through an airport anyway. A simple staycation nearby in the UK is exactly what I need to unwind with my other half before the baby comes, without the worry of dragging lugging around. Just chuck some essentials (like a good book!) into a duffle bag and off we go. 

Here are some of the things we’ve kept in mind when planning our babymoon during the pandemic:

Planning a Babymoon Without Leaving The UK | UK Lifestyle Blog

Research the location 

When we’re going abroad, sometimes the most important thing is making sure there is good weather and not much else. We can’t guarantee that in the UK, especially when I’m due in March… Instead, we have to shift the focus somewhere else. Location becomes more important than ever, whether you want to do a spot of nursery shopping or a gentle walk to ease hip aches. 

Find a great spa

Before getting pregnant, I had this image of me being able to still enjoy a spa day, despite not being able to use a hot tub or a sauna. In reality, spa days are pretty expensive when you can’t use most of the facilities. If you’re hoping to soak up some spa vibes, make sure there are ways you can relax that are suitable for pregnancy. Some spas offer lot cooler steam rooms and pregnancy-safe treatments. 

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Focus on food 

During the first trimester, I couldn’t keep anything down. Whilst the nausea is creeping back in during the third trimester, it’s nowhere near as bad as it was at the beginning. At least now, I’m okay if I eat small but often. Most importantly, I’m actually enjoying my food. Make sure you choose somewhere with a great menu so you can really indulge in good food without having to lift a finger in the kitchen. Your baby will thank you for all the extra nutrients as well. 

Give yourself time 

Unwinding before going on maternity leave is so important, especially if you’ve got a high-pressured job. I find it incredibly difficult to switch off from working and maternity leave is no exception. There are so many anxieties and worries, but taking time away from my emails and distracting my mind does wonders. Ensure you dedicate enough time to really relax and let go of your everyday worries by booking at least a couple of nights if you can stretch to it (we all know maternity pay isn’t great!). 

Where did you go for your Babymoon? Planning a Babymoon Without Leaving The UK | UK Lifestyle Blog

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