Today Strawberry Squeeze Turns 7 Years Old!: Popular Post Round-Up

Today marks 7 years since I started up my silly little blog. I always call it that “my silly little blog”. But the thing is, it’s not actually that silly. This platform became a huge part of my life and the crazy thing is, I never really saw it coming. I’ve almost reached 1,000 posts, worked with hundreds of brands, and there’s no plan to slow down anytime soon. In a matter of fact, quite the contrary – more on that another time though…

For those of you that don’t know, I set up Strawberry Squeeze when I was working in an SEO agency. A group of us decided we’d all give it a go and see if we could get our websites to the top of Google. NEVER did I imagine that years later my blog would be on page 1 of Google for “UK Lifestyle Blog” and enable me the financial freedom to quit my job and start my own agency with a safety net.

Today Strawberry Squeeze Turns 7 Years Old!: Popular Post Round-Up | UK Lifestyle Blog

Coincidentally, today marks 4 years since I quit my job and set up my own digital marketing agency. I only noticed today that the anniversaries are the same. Spooky!! 👻

Money, freebies and international press trips are undeniably a great perk, but honestly, there’s SO much more that blogging has given me that doesn’t include $$$. I’ve met some incredible people, learnt to code, and it’s been an amazing creative outlet. I’m so honoured that hundreds of thousands of people actually read my ramblings and keep coming back. I’m working on some really exciting collaborations right now and planning some blogger training because I’ve had a ton of enquiries recently, so keep your eyes peeled.

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In the meantime, to celebrate my blog turning 7, I’m sharing some of my most popular posts:

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