A Few Things In My Bedroom..

iPhone 4 –

I’m lost without my phone, so much so I have a little charger on my car keys so that when I’m in the office I can always recharge my phone if it runs out of juice (sad, huh?) I’m usually on Twitter and Instagram, so feel free to follow me @samcharles88 because I’m always updating something cute or interesting I’ve found online and picture of my lunch which probably isn’t quite as interesting but certainly addictive.

15″ MacBook Pro 

– Once you go Mac, you never go back. I ordered my first MacBook years ago and fell in love. I upgraded to a MacBook Pro last year and found it hard to give up my white 13″ MacBook but I’m so glad I did. I mostly use it for e-mailing, socialising and using Adobe programs.

Dream Matte Mousse 

– I used this foundation years ago and then give up on it and went to liquid but alas! one day I ran out of foundation and desperately rummaged through my make up draw to find something to cover up my pale face with, and found an old tub of this. Pleasantly surprised, I used it up what was left over the next couple of weeks then went straight into town to replace it. Best thing is, it’s cheaper than the foundation I used to wear; officially swear by this

A few things in my bedroom.. | UK Lifestyle Blog



– When I was younger I remember my mum having this gorgeous refillable Chanel case and bottles of Chanel perfume was regularly bought for the women in my family for Christmas, birthday and other special occasions. Once I’d turn 18, I got the privilege of being bought my own bottle of Chanel and I love it! ♥

Samsung P100 

– I’m renowned for breaking cameras, when I moved to Australia I’m pretty sure I broke three within a month of being there. Whether it was a stiff lens from dropping it in the sand or breaking it from my lunch box exploding and it getting flooded in salad dressing; they never survived. My boyfriend bought me this for my birthday and it’s not broken, yet!
A few things in my bedroom.. | UK Lifestyle Blog
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