Transform Any Room With These Lighting Hacks

From the bathroom to the living room and the kitchen, there isn’t a room in the house that you don’t want to evolve. For some reason, it is impossible not to upgrade a home, even if you have just finished a remodel!

The problem with having an interior design addiction is the cost. You are well aware that decorating any area of your house costs a lot of money. So, to keep the cost down and upgrade your property, you need to concentrate on the little details like lighting.

Here are the lighting hacks that you need to know if you want to revamp any room and not spend a fortune.

Transform Any Room With These Lighting Hacks | UK Lifestyle Blog

Choose The Right Fixtures

The obvious choice is to install a ‘big light’ in the middle of the roof to take care of all of your lighting needs. However, one big light is not the only choice at your disposal. In fact, if you want to transform a room and complement a particular style, you will need to consider your options. For example, if you don’t want a bright room you should use a variety of lamps. Lamps provide a softer light that makes a room look much cosier and warmer. Stuck for ideas? Festive Lights have tons of inspiration on their website. 

Task Versus Ambient

Although you should go with your preferred style, you should also mix up the type of light in any room. So, if you prefer ambient lighting, it is always a good idea to have at least one task lighting fixture to add contrast. ‘Wait a minute. What are ambient and task lighting?’ Task lighting is bright, bold light that dominates a room whereas ambient is soft, mood lighting. Regardless of the tone, you should mix and match to get the tone exactly right.

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Double Up

One tip that all lighting design specialists will recommend is doubling up. In layman’s terms, to double up means adding an extra fixture to the room so that there is always more than one fixture in any room. A singular light fixture will struggle to illuminate a room on its own, which means it won’t have the desired effect. By giving it a mate, every room in the house will gleam and look its best at all times of the day.

Natural Light Is King

Yes, synthetic light is a good alternative, and it will do the job. But, natural light is better because it makes everything look more appealing. Obviously, you want as much natural light as possible, which is why you have to exploit the windows as much as possible. The best way to do it is to use curtains instead of blinds. Then, all you have to do is draw the curtains during the day to let in all of the light. At night you still get your privacy, but during the day you can take advantage of the sun’s rays to great effect.

Add Mirrors

‘What do mirrors have to do with light?’ The answer is a lot because mirrors reflect light at different angles. These reflections help to make the room look bigger and roomier, which is one way to revamp a room. When it comes to lighting, there is a variety of options that can turn a dull room into a lively one.

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  • Mirrors do make a huge difference 🙂 We put a large ornate framed mirror in our rather dim and dark hallway and its amazing how much the light reflects from it

  • Thanks for the tips I am definitely going to try these out as parts of our house especially the attic conversion look too dark.

  • Interesting to read. Our living room is north facing making it quite dark. The idea about mirrors has given me lots of ideas to brighten up this room.

  • I have spot lights in my bathroom and to be honest they do make a difference. The light shines on the taps and bath giving it a really clean showroom look

  • You know I’m not very good at using light to create atmosphere, we tend to have just the main light on a dimmer but perhaps after reading this I should make more of an effort, it would certainly look more homely especially in these winter months.

  • I removed all the blinds that were left in the house when we bought it, they were old and not working properly anyway and boy, did it make a big difference! I’ve always loved huge windows that let in the light – I wish I could get rid of the built-in cupboards that go across the stairs at the front of the house and put in a tall window instead!

  • Great ideas – my living room is quite dark and I’ve invested in some lamps and I’m currently looking for the perfect mirror

  • Thanks for the advice, I am very fussing about lighting as it seems to affect my mooods and gives me headaches if the lighting is wrong

  • I’ve just decorated my bedroom and its amazing what cream walls and beautiful oak furniture have done to lighten it up and make it look larger.

  • I’m a fan of string lights, in white, they add fun and light. Remember, fairy lights are not just for christmas!