Wedding Decoration Ideas For An Instagram-Worthy Wedding

For those of you who are getting married in the summer, your wedding season is fast approaching! You are no doubt in the midst of organising and planning your dream wedding with your other half, trying to make decisions on the food, the seating plan and many other details.

One of the most important aspects of any wedding is the decoration! Apart from the usual flowers and candles, there are so many other decorations you can choose from to create your wedding theme. So, here is some inspiration for some of the best decoration ideas for your wedding this year.

Wedding Decoration Ideas for an Instagram-Worthy Wedding | UK Lifestyle Blog

Neon sign

There aren’t many wedding decorations that stand out above the rest, and that’s because the room can look so full with so much going on! However, if you’re hoping to find a particularly eye-catching decoration for your wedding, a neon sign is a perfect choice.

Wedding neon signs are becoming more popular as a retro decoration with a modern twist, offering a statement piece no matter what type of room your wedding is set in. With many different designs to choose from, you could have something simple like a love heart outline, or even go all out and have a custom sign made, making it personal to you as a couple.

Light up letters

An alternative to a neon sign would be to hire some large, light up letters that always look great at a wedding. Whether you wish to place them in the ceremony room or save them for the evening’s festivities, light up letters can make a real impact on the room.

There are plenty of options for large letters. Choose from your initials, the word ‘love’ or even your new shared last name! You can also have your letters in classic designs or a more vintage look, to perfectly match the theme of your wedding.

Photo wall

If you want to add a personal touch to your wedding and get your guests involved, why not set up a photo wall? This is the perfect opportunity to encourage your guests to take photos, perhaps on a retro polaroid camera, and hang them up on the photo wall!

As the night goes on, you can see your photo wall growing with pictures of your family and friends. The best bit is that you can take all the photos home with you at the end to keep, as a memory of the day!

Coloured cutlery, glasses or plates

For something a little different during your wedding breakfast, why not opt for coloured tableware? This can add some extra eye-catching features to your tables and provide a memorable detail for your guests.

Choose from gold cutlery, coloured charger plates or even frosted glasses in beautiful jewelled colours. They can match your flowers or contrast with them to create a colourful display on each table.

Fairy lights

When all else fails, fairy lights can make every aspect of the room a little bit more romantic. Drape them from the ceiling, weave them around the flower centrepieces or drape them over the chairs.

Adding fairy lights to your wedding decoration can bring a lovely glow to the room, especially when the sun goes down in the evening!

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