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5 Reasons Why Costa Rica Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Having a bucket list of holiday destinations is a great way to fuel your passion for adventure. That way, when it comes to choosing where to go on your next adventure, you’ve already got a great list to choose from. Costa Rica might not be the first place that springs to mind as a must-visit destination, but it should be.

Here are five reasons why Costa Rica should be on your travel bucket list.

5 Reasons Why Costa Rica Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List | UK Lifestyle Blog

The beaches

If you’re a bit of a beach bum, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the range of beaches in Costa Rica. Extending over both the Pacific and Atlantic coastlines, you’ll get to enjoy the incredible range that Costa Rica has to offer. Puerto Viejo is famous for its black sand, while the southern coast of Costa Rica has beautiful white sand that looks and feels like sheer paradise.

The climate

As with most Central American countries, the Costa Rican climate is mild and balmy. In the early part of the year from December to April, the country is at its hottest and driest, so if you want to enjoy the best of the Costa Rican weather, book your getaway for then. To escape the heat, you can venture up into the mountains where it’s cooler, and a trip to the Arenal Volcano or Costa Rica’s other must-visit volcanoes makes a great day out.

5 Reasons Why Costa Rica Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List | UK Lifestyle Blog

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The wildlife

Costa Rica’s rainforests offer some amazing opportunities to witness some of the world’s most fascinating wildlife. While out at sea you can enjoy a spot of whale watching, but it’s in the rainforests themselves where things get interesting. When booking Costa Rica holidays, make sure that you ask about the wildlife tours taking place so that you can visit the sloths, toucans, tapirs and more in their incredible natural habitat.

The people

If it’s a warm welcome you’re looking for, you’ll get it in Costa Rica. Costa Ricans call themselves ‘Ticos’, and are well-known for being generous and welcoming. Spanish is the official language of the country, and you’ll come across many people who speak English as a second language – so get practising your Español and enjoy meeting some of the incredible locals during your visit.

5 Reasons Why Costa Rica Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List | UK Lifestyle Blog

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The coffee

Couldn’t survive the day without your morning coffee fix? You’ll be in good company in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is known for producing some of the world’s best coffee, and you can be sure of some amazing taste experiences during your stay. From coffee tours to tastings, you’ll be able to indulge your coffee habit right from where the coffee is grown for the perfect brew you’ll be sure to want to take back with you.

Costa Rica is a destination with so many possibilities for adventures. If you’re thinking about booking your next incredible adventure, why not consider a break to Costa Rica? Ideal for a multi-destination holiday with Caribbean countries or US destinations, you can plan the trip of a lifetime. Need more travel inspiration? Take a look at some other adventure and travel pieces to help you plan your next escape.

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4 Reasons to Visit Breckenridge During Summer

As if my list of places I want to visit wasn’t long enough, we’ve been going through out Lonely Planet book to see if there is anywhere we’ve missed! When choosing our honeymoon there were a few places that came up over and over again, mostly places in Asia, Canada and the United States of America.

That’s not really a surprise, but here’s one place that was in our top 8, Breckenridge.

4 Reasons to Visit Breckenridge During Summer | UK Lifestyle Blog

Summer dog-sledding

Okay, why did nobody tell me this was a thing?! If you’re ever having a bad day, just Google ‘Summer dog sledding Breckenridge‘, and I promise you you’ll feel better. The dogs at Snow Cap Sled Dogs require year round training, so it doesn’t need to be snowy to go on a sled ride!

Cost ranges from $20 to $75 per person depending on the tour, whether you just want to meet the little pups or whether you’d like to go on a full expedition. Booking is required to avoid disappointment, because I know i’d be REALLY disappointed if I was in the area and didn’t get a chance to do this.

4 Reasons to Visit Breckenridge During Summer | UK Lifestyle Blog

Gondolas & ski lifts

I’m probably a little bias here, because as most of you already know, my best friend asked me to marry him at the top of a mountain over-looking the Alps after getting a cable car. The views from being tens of thousands of feet in the sky is absolutely incredible, and you don’t go home with sore legs. Most importantly, it’s perfect when you don’t have much time spare but you want to enjoy the beautiful views from the top of a mountain.

The Breckenridge gondola is 7,592 feet long and takes a quick 10 minutes from town to the base of Peak 8. The best thing about the Breckenridge gondola is that it’s completely free! There’s absolutely no reason not to go up and you can do up more than once. Don’t forget your wallet though because there are restaurants and a pub at the top.

4 Reasons to Visit Breckenridge During Summer | UK Lifestyle Blog

Photo credit: Ray Ferrone

Hiking trails

Whenever I’m looking to book a holiday, whether it’s a short trip or a long vacation, somewhere we can go on beautiful hikes is usually at the top of the list. Unsurprisingly Colorado offers outstanding hiking trails with stunning views. No matter what your ability there are plenty of routes to choose from.

After browsing TripAdvisor and Instagram the 6.8 mile path around Mohawk Lakes is on my bucket list. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for camping, fishing, fly fishing and hiking. Other popular trails include Quandary Peak, the McCullough Gulch Trail and Tenderfoot Mountain trail.

4 Reasons to Visit Breckenridge During Summer | UK Lifestyle Blog


I’m crazy lucky that I live by the sea in one of the most stunning parts of the country, Cornwall. Whenever I get the opportunity I go for a paddle in my kayak around the coast and admire the gorgeous scenery. I’ve always wanted to try kayaking somewhere different though, and Colorado has made my list.

Surrounded by gorgeous mountain peaks, Lake Dillon looks like an incredible way to spend the day on the crystal clear water. As if there weren’t enough options located right in the heart of Summit County, the world famous Arkansas River is a short drive away.

For those looking for a true adventure, you can also take whitewater kayak down one of Summit County’s moving waterways. The 1,800-foot Breckenridge Kayak Park is the longest in the state and includes 15 water features that challenge all levels of boaters. I’ve never tried it before, but I’m willing to give anything a go once!

4 Reasons to Visit Breckenridge During Summer | UK Lifestyle Blog

How to get to Breckenridge from the UK

Denver International Airport is just 1 and a ½ hours from Breckenridge. Once in Denver, you can either opt for an airport transfer to Breckenridge or head on your own mountain road trip. We recommend hiring a car so you can take in the beautiful scenery and wildlife, en route!

Remember, you will need to apply for travel authorisation under ESTA before you travel. UK citizens must also have an electronic passport to be eligible for visa-free travel to the US. You won’t need any vaccinations though!

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About The USA

So you think that you know everything about the USA? You may be surprised to find out that there are still a lot of strange and unusual things and customs in this vast country. Indeed, if you think of the basics, the classic Bald Eagle screech that is typical of North America is actually a red-tailed hawk. Bald eagles tend to make a crackling type of laugh which is a lot less impressive. But that was an appetiser! Let’s dive into the details now.

5 Things You Didn't Know About The USA | UK Lifestyle Blog

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#1. It’s Easier To Get In Than You Think

Those who have not been to the USA might think that getting in needs a lot of paperwork and careful greasing of a few official hands. In truth, travellers from almost 40 countries are eligible for the US esta visa which authorises entrance on the territory for visits up to 90 days. All you need to do is to register online in advance, fill up a simple form and confirm your travel dates. For the sum of $14, the ESTA authorisation will be sent soon after to your email address.

#2. The Iconic Hollywood Sign Was An Advertisement

Did you know that the Hollywood sign, which is located on the Pacific side of the USA, in Los Angeles, was first placed there as a temporary real estate sign in 1923. It was designed to attract home buyers, and first used to say Hollywoodland. The “land” part of the name was finally dropped in 1949.

#3. You Don’t Need A Driver’s Licence

As surprising as it might sound you don’t need a state driver’s licence to compete in the NASCAR – National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing – race. Indeed, several drivers competed while they were not allowed to drive legally, having had their driver’s licence suspended. Kyle Busch, for example, has his licence suspended for speeding, but he could still take part to the race. In 2004, Scott Wimmer failed a breathalyser test but was still allowed to compete.  

#4. A Desk Full Of Candy

There is a desk full of candy on the Senate floor. This is an ongoing tradition that has been started in 1968  by California Senator George Murphy, who kept a desk full of candy despite the no eating rule on the floor. Since then, the tradition has been continued without interruptions.

#5. Uncle Sam Existed

Uncle Sam was a real person whose name was Samuel Wilson. Samuel Wilson was a meatpacker in Troy, NY, who fought in the American Revolutionary War. In the War of 1812, he became the official meat inspector for the Northern troops. His natural friendliness and generosity were well-known in Troy, where he had a meatpacking shop so that people used to refer to him as Uncle Sam. The tradition continued, when the troops in 1812 began to joke that the US label on the meat barrels stood for Uncle Sam. Finally, the joke grew, and US was officially adopted by the military forces as a synonym for Uncle Sam.

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