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5 Updates To Make To Your Kitchen Before You Sell Your Home

If you’re planning on selling your home it can be a stressful time. One of the things that everyone does before putting their property on the market is to take a good look at their rooms and decide which changes they could make to add more value to their property.

The problem is, you don’t want to spend so much on renovating that you can’t recoup your losses when you find a buyer. The key, therefore, is to focus your efforts on areas of the home in which buyers have the most interest.

That’s why the kitchen is a great place to start. Evidence has shown that potential buyers are most interested in the kitchen when on a viewing, so this is one area that should really aim to impress. If your kitchen is past its best, it’s definitely worth making a few simple updates before you start calling realtors.

5 Updates To Make To Your Kitchen Before You Sell Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

A lick of paint

The very first thing you should do is to give your kitchen a fresh coat of paint. Even if you stay with the same color scheme, the room will get a lift. If your kitchen is already an unusual color, it’s time to go back to a neutral shade. Buyers want to be able to imagine themselves putting their own stamp on your home, so a neutral color will enable them to see the potential of the room without a vibrant hue putting them off.

Invest in new faucets

If your kitchen faucets are looking outdated, replacing them with some modern new ones could make a huge difference. Modern homebuyers are looking for convenience as their top priority, so choosing a hands-free faucet could swing their opinion in your favour. There are lots of excellent and stylish faucets on the market today which won’t break the bank so look for more information on to help inform your choice.

5 Updates To Make To Your Kitchen Before You Sell Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

Upgrade your cabinets

Do your kitchen cabinets look tired and boring? Why not give them a lift by adding some fresh new hardware? It won’t be expensive to find some new cabinet handles and drawer pulls, but they could make your whole kitchen look more modern and stylish. There are lots of different options to choose from, but chrome metal ones always look contemporary and work well with all styles of cabinet. There’s no need to have your entire fitted kitchen replaced when you make this small and affordable change.

Switch up the flooring

Kitchen flooring can make or break a sale. If your kitchen still has an unattractive and ageing linoleum or vinyl floor covering, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. You don’t need to go all-out with a hardwood floor – there are some very affordable laminates out there which are easy to fit and which will give your room a brand new, modern feel. Choose a light colour for a smaller room and it will feel a lot bigger instantly.

5 Updates To Make To Your Kitchen Before You Sell Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

Pop in a backsplash

Lots of people overlook their backsplash when they’re upgrading their kitchen, but actually it’s one of the areas that can become dated very quickly. Take at look at yours now and see if it will really wow potential buyers. If it’s been installed for more than a few years, there’s a good chance that it won’t! If you need to update your backsplash, you don’t need to spend too much money. T

here are some lovely tiles out there which don’t cost the Earth and which will add a lot of value to your home. Glass mosaic tiles are especially stylish and popular with potential buyers, but they can be expensive. You can reduce your costs by opting for a mix of standard tiles with a few glass mosaic tiles thrown in and the effect will be equally impressive.

There you have it, 5 easy changes that you can make in your kitchen that are sure to make it much more appealing to potential buyers. None will cost too much money but all could add value to your home. It’s definitely worth taking the time and effort to make these few changes. You’ll be making a sale before you know it! Good luck with your move!

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Preparing Your Kitchen For The Festive Season

Christmas is one of the most hectic times of the year, and it’s understandable that many of us get incredibly stressed at the thought of hosting Christmas dinner for the family. That said, I get a warm fuzzy feeling in my belly when I have people over, so this year, we’re having the Charles clan over to our humble abode!

We’ve recently invested in a little fire for our lounge and shuffled the furniture around, so our focus has now shifted to the kitchen. If you’re thinking of having family over at Christmas, too, you might want to follow these tips on preparing your kitchen for the oncoming festivities, just like we have:

Preparing Your Kitchen For The Festive Season | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Buy Your Ingredients Well In Advance

The last thing you want to be doing a few days before the main event is running around from store to store trying to pick the best turkey from the selection which is left. Make the time to plan out every ingredient you are going to need for Christmas dinner in advance, and anything which isn’t fresh, buy that straight away. Then as you get closer to the day, rather than worrying about there being nothing left in store, why not shop online instead? You’ll save yourself the hassle of going out and you will be guaranteed not to forget anything.

Upgrade The Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Design usually features a lot of white, sleek lines and copper cookware. But you don’t need to rip your whole kitchen apart in order to spruce it up for the festive season. A lick of paint will freshen up the walls and kitchen cabinets instantly without you spending too much money. You could even add a feature wall in a deep red or green to add that touch of festive spirit as well as an air of cosiness to the space.

If you have your dining table in the kitchen with you, begin decorating the table for an ultra-festive look. Add a red tablecloth, candles, a bottle of wine and some large red plates. For extra touches, you could add some gems and small snowflake sequins on the surface of the table. If your table is big enough you could even place a wreath in the middle of the table and when the time comes, place your turkey in the middle of it for added effect.

Preparing Your Kitchen For The Festive Season | UK Lifestyle Blog

Plan Your Cooking Itinerary

Stop stressing about your timings on the big day, instead, take the time to work out how long it takes for everything to cook, and from that, you can plan when things will go in the oven and when to prep your side dishes.

Upgrade Your Cutlery and Crockery

If you don’t have enough plates which are large enough, or you don’t even own a gravy boat, then get down to the store early and stock up on new crockery ready for the 25th December. You might find a set which you really love and will use all year round.

Do A Test Run

If it’s the first time you have cooked a full turkey dinner by yourself, you might want to run a trial a few weeks before Christmas to test how well your oven works, how long everything takes to cook and to perfect your timings for a stress-free Christmas Day.

Preparing Your Kitchen For The Festive Season | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Four Ways to Modernise Your Kitchen

When it comes to renovation, it’s often the practical space of the kitchen that is overlooked. Maybe it’s the concern about the cost that puts us off or the worry about lots of work involved. But modernising your kitchen needn’t break the bank, and if packing every utensil into boxes while you redecorate fills you with dread, we’ve got some quick updates that will spruce up your kitchen in no time at all. And without fuss, too. 

Four Ways to Modernise Your Kitchen | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Contour Your Walls

Nothing says fresh like a décor overhaul, particularly in a kitchen where walls become an abstract artwork of splashes and spills. It’s no surprise then that our first step in renovating the kitchen starts with the walls. Many opt for white because of its light-reflecting properties, but this can make a room look cold and uninviting if not planned carefully. Instead, try to work with the angles of the room to maximise the appearance of space and tranquillity.

Look at where light naturally falls, for example, opposite windows, and where the room is in natural shade. Darker areas become more visible painted in lighter tones whereas well-lit areas can be receded using darker shades. Bear this in mind and choose complementary colours in a range of tones when painting your room for a three-dimensional space, not a blank canvas.

Four Ways to Modernise Your Kitchen | UK Lifestyle Blog

Add Sleek Flooring

You’d be surprised what adding a contemporary floor covering to your kitchen can do to open up the space and introduce light into the room. Gloss or glazed effects are great for this, so we were excited to see the linear range added to the great selection of CTD’S kitchen tiles. Its sophisticated shape and modern neutral tones complement most colour schemes for a coordinated look and have natural shade variation for a great mosaic finish.

If you’re renting then tiling may be an issue, but there are plenty of alternatives out there. Laminate flooring has moved on over the past decade, bringing in new techs and exciting finishes. You can even get glossy tile effect laminate that recreates the appearance of porcelain. They’re practical and as easy to clean as the real thing, too.

Four Ways to Modernise Your Kitchen | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Anyone for Marbles?

In days gone by, marble was an outdated material of choice for the extremely wealthy, but since its resurrection last year it has popped up in every room of the home for worktops, basins and home accessories too. It’s loved for its luxuriant appearance and hard-wearing properties and is quite easy to look after, too. While it would be nice to have a whole kitchen of the stuff, the cost is often prohibitive. But don’t despair, just covering a kitchen island or creating a marble splashback can have a huge impact on a much smaller cost.

Four Ways to Modernise Your Kitchen | UK Lifestyle Blog

Revamp Your Cabinets

If your cabinets are solid but are looking tired, you could always go for a quick fix by replacing the cabinet doors and handles for a new, fresh look. For a classic design, a great option is to go for solid wooden doors for a new take on cottage chic. Alternatively, opt for a monochrome black, grey or white gloss for a contemporary feel that would sit right at home with glass splashbacks and chrome handles. Monochrome is still incredibly popular and will no doubt dominate kitchen trends in the next season, making it a great choice for a homeowner with evolving tastes.

Four Ways to Modernise Your Kitchen | UK Lifestyle Blog

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