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When to use a Nofollow link: A bloggers guide to Nofollow links

This topic has been debated over and over on many websites, blogs and forums ever since the NoFollow tag made its appearance. However, I’d like to share my thoughts on this matter and see what are your opinions about it.

The Nofollow attribute was first introduced by Google as a way to fight spam. Basically, what this attribute does is tell search engines’ spiders not to follow this specific link (more info on Nofollow: Google’s Search Console Help) and Google won’t transfer any link juice to it.

When to use a Nofollow link: A bloggers guide to Nofollow links | UK Lifestyle Blog

😱➡️  A bloggers guide to follow and nofollow links

However, the Nofollow attribute is surrounded by controversy. There are diverging opinions about it. One one side, those who support the use of nofollow on links to fight spammers back and share link juice with those sites that are really contributing to the web.

This is my position about it – while I can understand the reasons why people discourage the use of nofollow tags on links to help spread some link love around the web, I believe there are situations when using nofollow is mandatory. Some of those situations are:

Paid links: it’s a fact that all major search engines are penalizing those sites selling links. To avoid any impact, you should mark them with a nofollow tag. When linking to internal pages that don’t need “link juice”: pages like Contact, About, Privacy Policy, etc. don’t need link juice. Save your dofollow links to pages / links that actually provide value to your visitors.

Linking to questionable sites: this one is a no-brainer. Linking out to sites that provide questionable contents (warez, porn, racism, etc) will hurt your position in the SERP. Nofollow ’em or else…

Blog Comments: now, I’m quite sure that some of you won’t agree with me about this point – and that’s OK. As much as I’d like to reward you all with a dofollow link, there’s spam. And I’m not just talking about viagra, cialis and the like. I’m also referring to those who leave meaningless comments just to get a link back. Those are also spam comments. I prefer getting 7-8 quality comments over getting 100+ spammy ones anyday.

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How to start a blog for beginners – the Ultimate blogging guide

So, you want to start a blog? Great! But alas – where do you begin? 

Updated: May 2016

Don’t worry! Three years ago I was also in same situation, so to celebrate my blog anniversary, I’ve decided to sum up how to start a blog for beginners in this 3,000 word blogging guide.

There are lots of people who have compiled various posts on ‘how to start a blog uk’ and ‘steps to building a successful website, but unfortunately, a lot of it is outdated. I’ve put this together, so hopefully this can be your ‘one stop shop’ when creating a blog.

How to start a blog for beginners - the Ultimate blogging guide | UK Lifestyle Blog

What we’ll cover in this blogging guide:

  • Why you should start a blog
  • Selecting a niche for your blog
  • Deciding what blog platform to use
  • Choosing a domain name
  • How to choose your hosting provider
  • Choosing a theme for your blog
  • Installing Google Analytics
  • Setting up social media accounts
  • Brainstorming blog post ideas
  • Optimising your website for SEO
  • Useful resources for starting a blog

Why you should start a blog

If you’re here, you probably don’t need anymore convincing. Whether you want to flex your creative muscles, develop your writing skills or make money on your blog – starting a blog couldn’t be easier. The beauty of a blog is that you can maintain from any PC with internet, wherever you are in the world, or from your smartphone, which everyone has now. You need no knowledge of any specific software to create your blog and maintain it.


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Blog coaching – How I made my first £10K, and you can too!

In 2013, I launched Strawberry Squeeze, which transformed into a successful UK lifestyle blog.

Through this endeavour, I exercise my analytical knowledge, flex my creative muscles. I’ve developed relationships with SEO, PR and content agency, as well as the likes of Nike, New Look, John Lewis, L’Oreal & Debenhams.

I never dreamed that my hobby would take me on the adventures that it has. It’s enabled me to go on an all-expenses cruise on the biggest ship in the world with Royal Caribbean, practically furnish my entire home, and quit my job to pursue a career as a full-time blogger.

Do you want to grow your following, increase your engagement and yield more traffic?

Blog coaching - How I made my first £10K, and you can too! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had an abundance of messages about my recent article about ‘How I quit my job and went freelance’, and I’ve been inundated with inquiries about if I’ve considered being a blog coach or if I could offer some blog mentoring.

I’m now offering blogger coaching and training sessions. Whether you’re looking for a one-off coaching session or an ongoing blogging mentor relationship, I’ll tailor something for you.

What a typical training plan looks like:

  • Getting started: Beginners introduction
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Keyphrase planning
  • Content ideas generation
  • Increasing engagement
  • Optimising content
  • Scheduling for success
  • Social media management
  • Monetizing your blog
  • Declaring your earnings
  • Tips for productivity
  • Dealing with PR and brands

Why choose me?

UK Search Awards Young Professional nominee, BrightonSEO speaker and featured in the Verge ‘Women in Search’ showcase; I’m a passionate and innovative GAIQ SEO expert and mentor with 5+ years experience. Complimenting my evolving knowledge of search trends and algorithms, I’m an established blogger and content writer, published in high-end magazines such as Vogue.

Collaborating with clients in a variety of sectors, both locally and internationally, I’ve developed a range of skills managing, prioritising and delivering long-term successful cross-channel marketing campaigns. My extensive client portfolio includes working with 100+ B2C and B2B companies in-house and in an agency environment with brands such as Argos, Thorntons, Accor and Emirates.

I obtained my Higher National Diploma and Bachelors degree (with honours) in Business Management and Marketing from Anglia Ruskin University, Lord Ashcroft School of Business, Cambridge. Prior to successful completion of my undergraduate program; I attended Griffith University in Australia, ranked in the top 3% of universities in the world, to study consumer psychology & behaviour. I have also achieved both a Higher Education Certificate and National Diploma in Advertising and Art & Design, respectively.

Armed with experience and drive, I quit my job and launched my own business in 2016. Float Digital supports brands on their journey to the top of Google search results. I’m also an approved supplier for the Cornwall Business Start-up and Coaching for Growth programmes by Oxford Innovation in partnership with Unlocking Potential (managed by Cornwall College). Providing coaching and assistance to young companies and entrepreneurs in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Money back guarantee

My guarantee to you is that every time we work together, whether it’s a one-off session or part of a 3-month intensive training package, you will learn something and you will get closer to achieving your goals. Otherwise, I’ll refund your money 100%, no questions asked!

I have recently used Sam’s services, she is friendly, professional and has a wealth of knowledge about blogging. Sam helped me to understand the importance of SEO and the power it has on google. She also gave me great advice about how to source information, work and photographs. True to her word she has supported me and answered any questions and queries I had. Sam is a very inspiring lady and I would recommend her services. My blog has gone from strength to strength since our first meeting.

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