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3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Winter Break

Now that summer is officially over, the winter clothes seem to be stocking up in the clothing shops, and not forgetting those Christmas gift boxes which are most definitely starting to make appearances! So what better way to shake those summer blues away than to get planning for the perfect winter break.

Whether it be a week away in the beautiful alps with an adventure filled skiing getaway, or something a little more relaxing like some Christmas shopping in London, here I’ve put together some of my best tips for planning that perfect, well deserved break.

3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Winter Break | UK Lifestyle Blog

Get in early!

It goes without saying that winter breaks, and city breaks in specific get booked up pretty fast! That’s not to say that once everyone has snapped them up that’s it, but some of the best prices and deals will be made now and in the next couple of weeks. So getting your booking in early is key to a successful and money saving break!

When it comes to booking a hotel, think outside the box, some of the most well known options will most likely be the priciest, but with the rise of things like Air BnB make sure you do your research. Getting a fully serviced apartment as opposed to a commercially well known and popular hotel could be a great option.

Plan your trips

Whether it’s a few days in London, or a week in Paris, planning your trips is crucial. City breaks are so popular during the winter which means that tours and attractions can get booked up pretty quickly. Take Winter Wonderland as an example, if you’re wanting to do some of the biggest attractions there and you’ll be going in peak Christmas season you’ll want to make sure you’ve got your tickets booked to avoid disappointment.

Don’t leave it too late to pack for your trip either. Nothing ruins a trip like being freezing cold. Superdry have put together a list of winter warmers, and I’m truly in love! Maybe I can treat myself to the Everest one!? 😍

3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Winter Break | UK Lifestyle Blog
Provided by Superdry


It goes without saying, but if you’re looking into deals around winter, the best thing you can do is compare. Compare hotel/apartments on different websites and check to make sure that there aren’t any additional voucher codes you could get your hands on. If you’re going further a field, check whether it would be cheaper to do your flights and hotel separately, or whether a package works out a much better deal.

Wherever you plan on going, make sure you plan! City breaks across the winter period are popular, but they’re also one of my favourite things about this season. Where do you plan on going this year?

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Sun or Snow? Why You Should Choose a Ski Trip at Least Once in Your Life

If you are thinking of your next holiday or trip abroad, then you will have to travel a little further for some sunshine. So it is the perfect time to be thinking about a winter sports or skiing holiday. The ski season starts in many locations around December time and runs until the beginning of April. So heading off on a ski trip while everyone else is at work is always a nice feeling. But what other reasons are there to go? Here are the reasons why you should go on a ski trip at least once in your life.

Sun or Snow? Why You Should Choose a Ski Trip at Least Once in Your Life | UK Lifestyle Blog

😱➡️  Tips for Ski-ing in Nordmarka, Norway - Telegraph Ski and Snowboarding Show Giveaway

The Incredible Views

Whether you choose to ski or snowboard, the location and views are going to be stunning. How can they not be when you are high up a mountain? European slopes aren’t as high altitude as the likes of American or Canadian slopes. But they will still offer breathtaking views. So wherever you choose to take your trip, you know it is going to be gorgeous. Being able to see for miles and enjoy all that mother nature has to offer, certainly, makes for a great trip.

Après Ski

Of course, on a ski trip, the main event is the skiing. But the festivities afterward are one of a kind. Think of plenty of free-flowing drinks and happy faces. It is like one big happy hour. It is a casual affair too. So it can be refreshing not to have to get all dressed up. Just enjoy it with your fellow ski or snowboarding comrades. Having fun under the stars, by some snow filled mountains is an experience like no other.

No Beaches in Sight

If you are someone that diets ferociously for a beach holiday, then there is no need for a ski trip. You will be burning plenty of calories every day, but be covered from head to toe. Not having to prep for a ‘beach body’ can make a refreshing change. It is also a great way to kick-start an exercise programme. You’ll come back with thighs and arms that feel h2er than ever!

You Can Ski All Over the World

If you want to go long-haul, you still can. There are many resorts all over the world. Canada has some amazing resorts with the likes of Whistler. America has plenty of great ones too, from Park City to Breckenridge. There are even ski resorts as far flung as Japan. So you don’t have to feel you are missing out on any culture that you might experience otherwise. If you want to stay closer to home, then France, Switzerland, and Italy boast some of Europe’s best slopes. Who knows, you might love it so much, that you’ll want to do a ski instructor course qualification. Then you’ll be hitting the slopes every year.

Pack Light

Unless you have all of the ski gear, you can pack pretty light. Resorts will offer rental of ski equipment and helmets. All you need is the jacket, salopettes, thermals and thick socks. The evenings are chilled out, so you’ll hardly need to take anything else. Simples!

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Tips for Ski-ing in Nordmarka, Norway – Telegraph Ski and Snowboarding Show Giveaway

In case you haven’t noticed, I absolutely love a winter holiday and playing in the snow. Nothing beats wrapping up, pulling on some snow boots and exploring landscape covered in white blankets. The air is crisp and pure up on the mountains.

In January we decided to go ski-ing in Nordmarka forest, and it was incredible. You can read all about how we went ski-ing on a shoestring budget in Norway by clicking here. If you’ve already booked, then here’s some advice for when you arrive

Keep reading, because there is an amazing competition at the end of the top a pair of tickets to the Telegraph Ski and Snowboarding Show London this October!! 

Tips for Ski-ing in Nordmarka, Norway - Telegraph Ski and Snowboarding Show Giveaway | UK Lifestyle Blog

😱➡️  3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Winter Break

First thing first. Here are few tips you might want to consider before spending any money on snow skiing. Are you sure you will like it? Before spending a great amount of money on fancy snow skis, and of course all the matching equipment, why don’t you take a breather and rethink your strategy for a moment. Second hands sports equipment stores are full of snow skiing wannabes that went all out and bought the best of the best and spent a fortune on equipment and ski clothes to find out they did not enjoy it enough for a reason or another and decided to call it quit.

Snow skiing is a beautiful but demanding sport. To enjoy that wintery sport you have to be in shape, at least good enough so you can be mobile and strong to control your movements and your skis. Believe me you will work a nice sweat out on the way down. This is one great tip after you decided to not spend too much money by buying used equipment instead of new (or use some rentals that skis station offers for an hourly fees) is too get in shape before hitting the slopes. Believe me you will be glad you did.

Remember to dress accordingly. You don’t want to feel bulky and heavy so you feel restraint in your movements. This will completely depend on the time of year that you decide to go ski-ing. When I hit the slopes in Andorra I wore a thick ski-suit and lots of layers. However, in Norway it wasn’t as cold during the day and I certainly warmed up once I got moving.

Tips for Ski-ing in Nordmarka, Norway - Telegraph Ski and Snowboarding Show Giveaway | UK Lifestyle Blog

😱➡️  6 Reasons You Should Swap your Swimsuit for a Snowmobile

But one of the most important advice I can give you, once you decided to keep going, is to take some basic skis lessons with a competent ski instructor. Why? Because like any other sports you will get bad habits that you will have to get rid of later on, sooner than later. These bad habits will work against you in the long run. Start on the right foot or should I say the right ski and you will be a better skier in no time because of those basic ski lessons.

Ok now, you have taken few lessons, you are well equipped and well dressed, What now? Enjoying a sport is crucial, you need to have fun on the slopes. One of the best way is to have friends that will share the same interest. You have no friends that want to share you new found interest? Do not fret, get on the internet and find some ski clubs that you can join for a small fee or head to an event like the Telegraph Ski and Snowboarding Show *wink wink, nudge nudge*.

You will be certain to meet people with the same passion if not more than you. As a bonus you will find people with tons of experience that will be happy to share their knowledge at no cost with you. You will discover that you learn faster with a group then alone on the slopes and it is a lot more fun too!

Tips for Ski-ing in Nordmarka, Norway - Telegraph Ski and Snowboarding Show Giveaway | UK Lifestyle Blog

😱➡️  Throwback Thursday: Exploring Norway

By following these skiing beginners easy to follow tips and advice you will enjoy a great sport that you can practice for many years to come. It will help you to keep you healthy, in shape and also make your life a lot more fun. You will jump of joy when the first snowflakes hit the front lawn because that will remind you all the fun ahead instead of grumbling like many others at the thoughts of all the problems that come with snow. They will wonder why you are wearing a great smile instead of a frown… Go figure!

Okay enough is enough. Let’s get to it! I promised you TWO competitions this week, so here it is: The ‘Slow holidays’ company Inntravel have just launched a range of new snow holidays in Norway. They have collaborated are to exhibit at The Telegraph Ski and Snowboard show in London this October and have kindly offered 2 tickets to give away.

Simply enter using the Rafflecopter widget below for a chance to win 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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