6 Reasons You Should Swap Your Swimsuit For a Snowmobile

6 Reasons You Should Swap your Swimsuit for a Snowmobile | UK Lifestyle Blog

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the sun and sea – but equally – I can’t resist a snowy holiday. When I return from a getaway in Norway, upload a photo on top of Mount Snowdon or tell them I’m wild camping in Scandinavia, I get two reactions:

  • Reaction 1: “Don’t you feel the cold?”
  • Reaction 2: “Oh my God! That looks incredible, I wish I could go somewhere like that!”

For the record, I’m always cold but with the right gear, it’s not a problem. What I don’t understand though, is why people say they wish they could go there, but don’t! Don’t tell me it’s money, I see you sipping cocktails in a bikini on Facebook.

When we went to Norway, flights started from £5 each way – which let’s be honest, you can’t get any cheaper! Every time we book a trip, we make sacrifices and trade tan lines for aching feet. I appreciate it sounds a little mental, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

6 Reasons You Should Swap your Swimsuit for a Snowmobile | UK Lifestyle Blog

I’d love to be able to afford some winter sun occasionally, but to be honest, even if I could, there still SO much I want to do in cold countries. From mountain treks to snowmobiling safaris, the list is forever growing!

What’s the big fuss? Here’s my 6 reasons I’m booking a snowmobile tour this year 😉

Unusual locations

The Canary Islands. Turkey. Spain. France. These are all the traditional holiday spots, and it seems the world is full of people who have visited them. Lesser known for their holiday pursuits are the Nordic countries. This is a great shame, given all these unique lands have to offer. I mean GREENLAND!? COM’ON!

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Travelling doesn’t have to be about visiting a vast array of places purely for the sake of it. However, it can be nice to have a less-often seen stamp in your passport to cement your place as a world traveller.

Stunning scenery

Instagram is full of photos of beautiful sunsets, to the point where they have become a cliche. Visiting Norway or similar can be a breath of fresh air for your followers as they finally see something a little different. Sweeping vistas of huge mountains, deep fjords and photographs of snowy landscapes can bring a whole new perspective to you also.

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You’re in control

After a brief tutelage on how to control a snowmobile, it’s yours for the driving. Unlike a regular desert safari where a guide will be behind the wheel, with this type of holiday, you can choose where you go. If you want to stop and pause, or just explore somewhere new, it’s your decision.

Room to breathe

The vastness of the landscape will help, but the simple fact is that the countries that offer this type of adventure are less-visited. This means if you wish to escape the usual tourist traps, then try going off the usual holiday trail on a safari or hike. Especially while out in the snow, you can travel miles without seeing another soul but those in your party.

6 Reasons You Should Swap your Swimsuit for a Snowmobile | UK Lifestyle Blog

And after the snow…

Stepping out the usual doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a night out on the tiles to let your hair down. Helsinki and Reykjavik are particularly highly thought of as destinations for the world’s leading DJs. In common with much of Sweden and Norway, they also have thriving club and live music scenes. Just because it isn’t a named club in Ibiza doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy that side of a holiday.

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Get in touch with the adventurous side of yourself, all while experiencing things few people have the gumption to try. You may be exhausted and tested, but there’s no doubt a snowmobile safari offers a unique and rewarding experience.

Author: Sam Charles

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