10 Tips For Organising Your Desk

Get into a Routine

It’s easy to think, “I’ll just clean my desk on Fridays before I leave work,” but I’m guessing that doesn’t happen much. Instead, make it a daily goal to work through your papers by the day’s end.

 Decide What to Do With It

There are many books, including Getting Things Done by David Allen, that address how to handle what hits your Inbox (physical or email). You can break it down into items:

That can be tackled in a couple of minutes
That need more time to work on
That need to be filed
Separate your papers based on how quickly you can complete them. Organize your email into folders that you give higher priority to and sort emails this way.

Invest in Storage

Buy file folders, shelves, book cases…whatever it takes to help you get papers and books off your desk and out of sight. Use pencil holders and file stackers for things you need daily, and keep them within reach. Everything else can be put out of sight.

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5. Do A Spring Cleaning…Monthly

You collect pens at conferences, as well as silly desk toys that are gathering dust. Designate one day a month as Desk Cleaning Day and spend an hour getting rid of anything that doesn’t make you more productive. Haven’t used it in a month? Throw it away, give it away or put it into a drawer.

6. Keep Cords Out of Sight

It stresses me out to see cords and wires strewn across my desk. I love my wireless keyboard and mouse! Untangle your cords and make sure they all have a place plugged in to your power strip. If there are any electronics plugged in that you’re not using, unplug and remove.

7. Go Paperless

Paper is the root cause of most clutter, so why not eliminate it? Scan important documents and save them using your new file system. You can shred and toss the documents once they’re scanned. Note: do keep any legal documents that require the original as proof.

8. Ditch the Post-Its

Speaking of going paperless, here’s a tip that was hard for me to embrace for a while. Rather than jotting down indecipherable notes on a notepad, use Evernote or other online note-taking application. The bonus is you can read your typewriting and access your notes anywhere.
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