3 Fabulous Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

Coffee is the first drink many people have to get the best start to their day. It’s become the norm to go for a coffee with your friends to fuel your caffeine addiction. So if you’re buying a gift for a coffee lover, what exactly can you get them? You want something that gives a nod to their love of caffeine, but also has some personality involved too. Look no further! Here are three fabulous gift ideas to get your coffee lover no matter what the occasion.

3 Fabulous Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers | UK Lifestyle Blog

Starbucks gift card

Starbuck is the world’s number one coffee shop, so it makes sense to give one of their gift cards to your coffee lover. You can send these via email or get a physical card in a sweet envelope. Choose the amount you want to give and you’re done.

This makes an excellent gift for your boss or work colleagues as it’s so quick and easy to do. They could even use their gift to buy some Starbucks mugs and merchandise for their home, instead of the drink. So it makes a fun and versatile gift that anyone would appreciate.

Coffee accessories

It’s highly likely that your coffee lover has already got a coffee machine at home that they frequently use. So why not buy them some accessories to go along side of it. You can build an inexpensive hamper full of their favourite blends and additional extras like sachets of sugar and a spoon. You can find cheap coffee pods for your hamper online and can mix and match the flavours if you wish.

Why not also add a personalised mug or espresso set to your basket. You can order these from sites such as Etsy or personalise them yourself with a sharpie marker pen. Write an inspirational quote or friendly message on the mug which will bring a smile to their face every morning. It may be a DIY gift but it they will love the extra effort you have put it. Plus it makes it more special when you make something yourself.

Coffee wall art

Nothing is more personal that the wall art you have in your home. It should reflect a person’s likes and personality while still complimenting their home interiors. Coffee wall art is becoming a popular addition to kitchens worldwide and they make fabulous gifts.

Remember that your coffee lover may have different tastes to you, so think wisely about the print you are going to get for them. You can go for a graphic coffee cup design like this one. Or why not a quote instead like this one. It’s a fun and unique way of adding more personality to their home and let’s everyone know just how much they love their coffee fix.

You should now have plenty of idea on what to get for your coffee lover. If not, take a look at sites like gearhungry.com for inspiration. Do some undercover research before hand to find out what they like and dislike. You don’t want to get something they aren’t going to like. With these ideas to help you, you’re bound to get the something they adore.

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  • I don’t drink a lot of coffee but the ones I do I thoroughly enjoy. Even the caffeine free ones as I get heart palpitations if I drink to much coffee, I just love the taste of a milky coffee.

  • Some lovely ideas here, if you know someone’s a coffee lover I think that it definitely helps when it comes to buying them gifts. I recently read a recipe for some home made coffee syrups (vanilla, gingerbread etc) and thought they’d make a really lovely DIY gift for a coffee lover. I think this would definitely give a nod to their love of caffeine as you say, but with a thoughtful and personal touch too!