5 Household Chores You Need To Stop Neglecting

When life is busy, niggly repairs can sometimes take a back seat. When something goes wrong at home or stops working the way it should, it’s easy to ‘make do for now’ and deal with the annoying problem until whatever it is finally dies for good. If you’re guilty of having issues like these in your home, now is the time to make a change. Spend some time putting right these little frustrations and everything will run a lot more smoothly!

5 Household Chores You Need To Stop Neglecting | UK Lifestyle Blog

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😱➡️  Common Household Problems And How To Solve Them

Leaky Taps

Are you ever kept awake by the annoying drip drip drip of a leaky tap? Possibly the most annoying sound ever, it’s the kind of thing that once you hear it you just can’t put it out of your mind. Put a stop to it once at for all, if you have basic plumbing skills or are happy to follow instructions then you could give it a go yourself. If you’re really unsure, enlist the help of a handy friend or family member or call out a plumber.

Fix Your TV Signal

Ever noticed that your Sky tv or Freeview goes crackly or gives you a ‘signal lost’ message right in the middle of your favourite programme? It could be because your existing aerial is damaged and needs repairing, or simply isn’t up to the job. Try repositioning it, if that doesn’t work get a digital aerial installation company to sort out the problem. Then you can get back to watching all your favourite shows with no interruptions

Wobbly Toilet Seat

Over time, the bolts that hold down toilet seats can become loose, making the seat wobbly and unstable. When this happens it can slip to one side and break completely, seriously annoying! Rather than putting up with it just get it sorted. You could replace the bolts with sturdy chrome ones if they are the problem or buy a new seat entirely. Go with something heavy and sturdy to prevent the same thing happening again. Make sure the seat fits your cistern too, surprisingly they are not all one sized and a badly fitting seat can easily become wobbly again.

Squeaky Doors and Floorboards

Trying to sneak into the house quietly after a night on the tiles? No such luck with squeaky doors and floorboards. Luckily they’re not too difficult to fix. A can of WD40 on the hinges of all of your doors should do the trick, and floorboards can be sorted by following this tutorial.

Replace All Dead Lightbulbs

Replacing a lightbulb is the easiest thing in the world, so why do we put it off? It might be a dead bulb in a cupboard or spare bedroom, but even if you don’t use it that often the chances are when you need something it’s going to be in one of those rooms (when it’s pitch black outside too- typical!). Just spend 5 minutes out of your day replacing dead bulbs in overhead fittings and lamps. It takes away that annoying moment of switching on a light just for nothing to happen. Replace them with energy efficient bulbs, it’s kinder on the planet and they’ll last for years. [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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