5 Iconic Décor Hacks From The Big Screen

Want to spruce up your home in 2021 but struggling for inspiration?

We can’t wait till things approach some semblance of normality and we can watch a big-screen blockbuster in our favourite cinema. 

Which got us thinking about the fab furniture and household accouterments that complement moments of high drama, laughter, despair, and triumph in a few famous movies.

The silver screen can definitely be an artist’s palette to pluck some pretty good ideas from, so with that in mind, here are five iconic décor hacks from the big screen. 

5 Iconic Décor Hacks From The Big Screen | UK Lifestyle Blog

Blofeld chair

Planning world domination in 2021, or simply like nothing better than relaxing on black leather while you pamper your pussycat?

If you’re nodding your head, it’s time to invest in a G Plan 6250 swivel chair from After Noah. This is just like the one Bond supervillain Ernst Stavro Blofeld perched his posterior on in You Only Live Twice. Fluffy white feline optional if you’re more of a dog person. 

Austin Powers sofa

If you love kitsch décor then grabbing a Salvador Dali-inspired red bocca lips sofa from MyFaktory is a must.

This plush and sensuous conversation piece famously featured in Austin Powers and it’s a classic that never goes out of style.  

ET dining table

As furniture freaks, we’ve always loved the triangular kitchen table that features in ET – the retro style rocks and the configuration is dynamic and sociable. 

You can find a smaller triangular table from La Redoute that looks like something borrowed from a Swinging Sixties movie set – snap it up for stylish dinners where the conversation flows like a bubbling brook. 

Marie Antionette floor

Fancy skipping across flooring that’s a little more salubrious? How about investing in a chequered floorboard a la Marie Antoinette

You can grab something similar from Flooring Superstore and it looks fab in a kitchen, bathroom or even a hallway. 

Red Doors portal

Nothing makes guests feel welcome quite as much as a freshly painted front door in your favourite colour.

For us, no shade comes near red for a positive and welcoming vibe and this was a central motif for the movie Red Doors – find a solid and stylish model from specialists Oakwood Doors and create a cracking first impression for your domestic sanctuary. 

These five home décor hacks from the big screen are the perfect way to zhush up your home, improve its ambiance, and enhance its aesthetic appeal. 

One way or another, spending more time at home is likely to be the reality for most of us from now on, which is why making yours as comfy, attractive, and inspirational as possible is absolutely essential. 

Good luck with your domestic refurbishments and here’s hoping for a happier and more positive 2021!

Which movies influence your home style? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Author: Sam Charles

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