5 Inspiring Themes To Give Your Garden a New Look

If your garden needs a bit of touching up, a new look, or a new style, there are many different ways to do this.  Here are 5 styles to choose from to help make your garden look like new.

First is the Mediterranean garden style. There is nothing more relaxing than a Mediterranean garden with lots of Italian style garden furniture. You can have olive trees or thyme along with bright pink and orange flowers to contrast. Some gravel or stone work will really help complete the look as well along with terra cotta for that incredible Mediterranean feel.

5 inspiring  themes to give your garden a new look | UK Lifestyle Blog

Many online Italian companies that are specialized in outdoor furnishing can help you to find unique and good quality products. It is the case of the Italian brand Unopiù , renowned for creating and selling its own Italian garden furniture that can be found in all important European cities.

A traditional cottage garden has endless appeal and can work for any home design. Even with just a few additions to your existing garden and some creative styling, you can make your garden look like it was plucked straight from the English countryside. For this style allow your flowers to grow wildly in a random pattern and avoid hard edged beds and lines. You can even add a plot for vegetables to give it a true country look!

Oriental gardens are a great addition to any house. They epitomise a relaxed and stylish atmosphere and only take some simple landscaping and accoutrements. Start by creating a focal point with a water feature or cherry blossom and then build around. An area with gravel or pebbles neatly raked into patterns completes a Japanese styled garden.

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5 inspiring  themes to give your garden a new look | UK Lifestyle Blog

The evergreen garden is a popular choice. This style uses a lot of bright colour and lively plants. These gardens are designed to last in all four seasons so begin by picking plants like Viburnum and Pyracantha which flower during those months. Then add some foliage and summer flowering perennials to ensure that your garden is in bloom year round!

Lastly, a contemporary garden look – think less is more. Natural colours and clean lines help build a minimalistic effect for your garden. Try to use plants with strong forms such as trees or topiary bay trees and plant them with an uncluttered spacious look. Matching the pots designed in lines or groups also help create the contemporary look you are going for.

5 inspiring  themes to give your garden a new look | UK Lifestyle Blog

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