5 Surprising Beauty Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

The health and financial benefits of stopping smoking are well documented, but many people don’t realise the many positive impacts quitting smoking can have on your appearance. Whether you are considering moving to e-cigarettes or stopping completely, we take a look at some of the ways quitting smoking can improve how you look and your well-being.

5 Surprising Beauty Benefits of Quitting Smoking | UK Lifestyle Blog

1. Brighter, healthier teeth

Yellowing teeth has to be one of the most visible side-effects of smoking. When you smoke, the nicotine and tar in cigarettes stain the enamel on your teeth and gradually turns them yellow or even brown. As well as discolouring teeth, smoking can also significantly increase the risk of gum disease and tooth loss.

After just one year of quitting smoking, you may see an improvement in gum disease and find your teeth are much healthier overall. If you want to improve the appearance of your teeth after stopping smoking, your dentist will be able to recommend whitening products you can add to your oral care routine. It’s important to maintain regular check-ups with your dentist too so they can deep clean your teeth and check the overall health of your mouth.

2. Reduce wrinkles

As well causing early development of wrinkles around your face, did you know smoking can lead to wrinkles in other areas of your body including your inner arms? The chemicals found in cigarette smoke can cause damage to the collagen and elastin in your skin, which are the parts that give your skin a youthful look and the ability to bounce back. Alongside this damage, the nicotine in cigarettes can narrow your blood vessels, meaning less oxygen and nutrients can get through to your skin, further damaging the appearance of your skin.

Whilst quitting smoking won’t magically get rid of all your wrinkles, it can delay wrinkling and dramatically slow down the facial ageing process. You should notice your complexion beginning to look brighter, smoother and all-round healthier after stopping smoking and it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to some good skincare products with the money saved from not buying cigarettes to further pamper and boost your skin’s well-being.

3. Thicker hair

As mentioned above, smoking can restrict your blood flow, which means your hair follicles can be deprived of the oxygen and nutrients needed for healthy growth. Female smokers can be more prone to thinning hair due to the impact cigarette smoke can have on oestrogen levels, so after stopping smoking, your hair will gradually begin to feel thicker and much healthier. Another bonus of quitting smoking is you may reduce the chances of getting early grey hairs and prevent the premature scalp ageing linked to smoking which can cause hair loss.

4. Healthier, stronger nails

Another physical give away of smokers is stained nails. Similarly to the impact on teeth, nicotine and tar in a cigarette can dramatically stain the nails and block the flow of oxygen to your fingernails which leaves them discoloured. This is one of the positive side effects of quitting smoking you’ll be most likely to notice quickly and you may even be able to see the staining on your nails grow out with your nails! Although your nails may not be top of your list of reasons to stop smoking, this visible marker can be a really positive way to track your quitting journey. Again, you could treat yourself to a manicure and some pampering with the money saved from not buying tobacco and cigarettes as a reward to sticking with quitting.

5. General fitness

It’s common for people to fear they will gain weight when they quit smoking due to turning to chocolate and treats to manage nicotine cravings. Adding regular exercise into your routine can actually help reduce nicotine cravings and support withdrawal symptoms you may experience. Stopping smoking can dramatically improve your circulation and lung capacity, so you will begin to find exercising easier than you used to and in time gain more confidence as your overall fitness improves.

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