Add Some Curb Appeal To Your Home

First, what is curb appeal? Curb appeal is just how attractive your house looks from people passing by or viewing it from the outside. People often focus on curb appeal, either when they want to impress the neighbours, or they’re looking at making a sale.

But, it’s also something that you might want to think about if you take pride in your home and where you live. However, you should be aware that the right type of curb appeal can add big value on to your home. Here are my best tips on adding some curb appeal.

Add Some Curb Appeal To Your Home | UK Lifestyle Blog

Spruce Up The Windows

Perhaps the easiest way to add some curb appeal on to your home is to improve your windows. Christmas is nearly here and I’m sure you’ll be decorating your windows, with ornaments, spray on snow and maybe some lights? But, you can do that all year around with less intrusive lighting and a beautiful vase of flowers.

Also, don’t forget to give your windows a good clean to make sure they look spotless. As well as this, you can play around with the outside of your home. For instance, some houses have wooden protectors around the outside. Although, if the weather has been bright they are just a bit of a nuisance your home might look far more attractive without them.

Improve The Driveway

How is your driveway looking? If it seems a little worse for wear, you can think about improving or modifying it. I think that a lot of homeowners are put off improving their drives even when they desperately need it. The reason for this is that they believe you have to get planning permission to modify a driveway.

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As we all know, obtaining planning permission can be an absolute nightmare. The good news is that Resin bound driveways don’t need planning permission and will look stunning once complete. As well as this they are permeable and that means the build up of water and puddles will be a worry of the past.

Add A Water Feature

You don’t want puddles in your garden, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want any water. A lovely water feature can make your home stand out beautifully from the rest of the houses on the street. Take my advice though and build one that is low maintenance.

For instance, you can dig up some of the garden and lay down some stones. Then, use a pipe to let the water run over it. This doesn’t require much maintenance and can easily be turned off and on. It won’t deter home buyers who are looking for a house that doesn’t have a lot of costs added on.

Plant Some Flowers

Lastly, another way to easily improve your garden is to add some color. Winter has just begun but if you plant some flowers now, they will pop out just in time for spring. Choose a wide variety and your garden will certainly look more alive and vibrant.

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