Attic Conversions: The Easiest Way Imaginable To Free Up Extra Space

Attics rooms, when done right, are often the most exciting room of the house. Those sloped ceilings make it feel like a treehouse, and the skylights are to die for.

But in most homes, the attic space is left unused and gathering dust. Why? After all, it’s one of the cheapest and easiest parts of the house to convert. Loft conversions can be used for all sorts of things, including kids play areas, bedrooms and even games rooms.

Don’t waste the opportunity to convert the attic in your house. Take a look at some of these attic conversion tips.

Attic Conversions: The Easiest Way Imaginable To Free Up Extra Space | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Arrange The Furniture Carefully

Due to sloped ceilings, the amount of actual standing and sitting space in the attic varies depending on where you are situated. Because of this Meredith Heron, and interior designer from London says that homeowners need to think carefully about where they put their beds and chairs. The amount of height available will vary depending on where furniture is situated. People need to be able to stand up straight when they get out of bed in order to feel comfortable, so there’s no point shoving a bed into an alcove to try to get in out of the way.

Take Advantage Of Sloped Ceilings

Sloped ceilings aren’t all bad news. In fact, in some circumstances, they can be an asset. According to Heron, sloped ceilings are ideal when you want to create a “nook” – a space in which kids (and even adults) can go to read in peace and quiet. Nooks are particularly suited for areas with sloped ceilings because they are meant to be a sort of hideaway from the rest of the world, and the rest of the house.

Forget About Overhead Lighting

Thanks to the sloped ceiling and the difficulty putting electrical wiring into a roof, overhead lighting in attics isn’t all that common. What’s more, it’s probably not worth it, especially if you’ve have skylights installed. A much better idea, says Heron, is to opt for table lamps and wall lamps to brighten up the room. Lighting from underneath also helps to emphasise the dramatic roofline, giving attic rooms a fundamentally different feeling to that of other rooms in the house. Pairing wall lamps with a bed is a particularly good combination as they can double as reading lamps for bedtime stories.

Double-Insulate Loft Space

For loft conversions to work, they really need to be doubly-insulated using modern insulation materials. Lofts without adequate insulation cost a lot more to heat than those which are properly kitted out. Energy comparison websites recommend that homeowners use a layer of insulating material on the roof as well as a layer between the main attic and the rest of the house. Estimate suggest that by doing this, attic conversions could net homeowners a saving of more than 20 percent on their bills.

Make The Loft Feel Bigger

Lofts can be great for adding a sense of adventure to a home. But often lofts themselves aren’t all that big. There’s a way around this, though, says Heron: just paint the whole thing all one colour. Painting the ceiling and the walls white will make it feel like a large, continuous and open, inviting space.

Don’t Overcrowd

Because of limited space, lofts are never going to be like the rest of the rooms in your house. They need to be thought of and conceived in far more simple terms: like they are just a giant version of a cupboard.

For this reason, it’s important to make sure that they are not overcrowded. Overcrowding a loft can easily make it feel claustrophobic, less like a room and more like a closet. Furniture and features should be spaced out, leaving plenty of floor space in between. It’s a good idea to organise attic rooms around a single piece of furniture, like a four-post bed, and then simply use a rug and small bedside tables to complete the room. Again, make sure that the decor is kept as simple as possible, as complicated decorations can make a room feel too busy.

Install Skylights

The main appeal of attic rooms is the fact that they are the only room in the house where you can experience the midday sun indoors during the summer. When you’re designing your attic room, this is an important consideration to take into account. Do you want to have sunlight coming in through at a certain angle when you are reading?

The position you choose for your skylights will impact the way in which you attic room is laid out, and so it’s worth thinking carefully about them in advance. Position chairs and desks to make full use of any direct sunlight that the room gets.

Increase Storage

Because space is at a premium in most attics, homeowners need to look for space-saving solutions wherever possible. One way to increase the amount of storage space you have available is to have it built into the bed itself.

Build Desks And Shelves Into The Eaves

Another simple way to increase the utility of your attic room is to build shelving directly into the eaves. To do this, you’ll need some basic DIY skills, but once it’s done, it’s an excellent way to make maximum use of the space.

In some houses, desks can also be built directly into the eaves just like shelves only lower down. Having a floating shelf or desk makes maximum use of your space.

You can also investigate other forms of space-saving furniture, like built-in cupboards and wardrobes.

Paint The Floor With Reflective Paint

Another way to make your attic space look bigger is to paint the floor with reflective paint. Reflective flooring reflects light a lot more than plain wood and makes for an interesting and beautiful finish in and of itself. It’s also an excellent way to save money on more expensive hardwood flooring overlays which can cost upwards of £80 per square meter. Painted floors give off a sort of hospital feel, especially when paired with single beds.

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