Be A Friend Of The Earth With These Recycling Tips

Being a friend of the earth is not easy in a world full of consumption, energy guzzling and overuse. We live fast, eat fast, produce fast and usually without much thought to the world around us. Thankfully, we’re also living in a time where we are more socially aware of what’s acceptable and what isn’t, meaning our eyes have been opened to recycling and all the benefits that it entails. You should be always assessing how your family is managing its waste, especially as the councils across the country are slowing down the number of times that they want to do collections for household waste and recycling.

Therefore, it’s up to us to make sure we are vigilant about how much packaging we dispose of and how we manage our food waste. Recycling isn’t always easy to do, especially if you’re not sure of the rules of what can go where. If you haven’t ever had a compost heap before, you could find yourself at a loss with how to start one. Wising up to the amount of waste that you use is the key, and we’ve got some brilliant examples of how you can do better with your recycling efforts so that you can give back to the world that is sustaining you.

Be A Friend Of The Earth With These Recycling Tips | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Less Water. You probably absolutely love the feeling of a long and hot bubble bath. We all do. The thing is, the amount of water you are using in your bubble bath is far more than a hot shower would give you. Swap your leisurely baths for a shorter shower and make sure that you shower with warm water, not hot.

The reason for this is that you use less energy with a warm shower than a hot one. Swap out the bottled plastic water that you’re buying in bulk for a refillable water filter in the fridge, and where you can, buy plastic water storage tanks for the garden. These can collect the rainwater from the sky, so you can water the flowers through the summer months and use less household water.

Buy Recycled. There are a lot of products already on the market that you can buy that are recycled already. This list here can tell you what products you can use around the house from toilet paper to printer paper. Just because it’s recycled, doesn’t mean it doesn’t follow strict procedures for hygiene – so don’t worry!

Food Waste. Recycling your greenery is a great way to feed the earth. Biological nutrients decompose easily and return to the soil outside. Using garden cuttings and kitchen food waste, such as peelings, in an indoor or outdoor composter doesn’t just reduce the smell in the home from the bin, it helps to give back to the land as mulch. Your plants can thrive on this!

Recycling doesn’t have to be some big chore. It can be something that is good for your home and your wallet. The more waste you recycle, the better off you will be and the longer your outside bins stay empty! [/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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