Being Green: It’s Not As Difficult As You Think


Kermit the frog famously said “It’s really hard being green” but he was wrong. Our homes are one of the best areas in our life that we can focus on a greener lifestyle. Small steps which will change the effect our living has on the world. There are so many ways we can protect the planet and save ourselves some money. So check out our handy guide and see if you can go a little more eco-friendly.

A massive issue that we have is how much energy we waste in our homes. Did you realise that 25% of the heat in our house is lost through the roof? Another 35% is lost through doors and windows, and 10% goes to the floor. Obviously, insulation is going to help with this but also making sure you have decent glazing in your windows. There is some useful advice on Buckingham double glazing website about the benefit and future savings that come from installing double, or even triple glazing.

Being Green: It's Not as Difficult as You Think | UK Lifestyle Blog

Solar panels are a brilliant way of reducing the amount of man-made the energy we use too.  The sun is a powerful natural energy provider and can benefit your home in a variety of ways.  To get more details, you can go online to find a good source: Expert Sure can provide you with all the information you need.  Your local area may also offer financial incentives to get you using solar panels to help run your home, so get in touch with the local authority to see if you can make the most of any deals in your neighbourhood. In some countries, you can install solar panels for heating and electricity, and if your home generates more than you use, then you get a credit from your provider.  Imagine that!

Making use of nature to reduce your bills can also spill into the garden. A living roof will provide you with natural insulation and can help retain heat in your home, where you want it.  It also protects from the sun during the hotter months so will make your house naturally cooler.  While a living wall will give the same benefit, but only to the rooms, it is alongside.  The impact in urban areas is huge, helping you to improve air quality and remove harmful toxins that are present in built up areas.  

Being Green: It's Not as Difficult as You Think | UK Lifestyle Blog

Growing your vegetables and fruit in the garden is an excellent way to reduce your grocery bill.  Depending on space you could also consider some chickens.  Chickens are low maintenance animals to keep; they provide you with plenty of eggs.  Not only will this save you around $4 per week depending on your egg intake but nothing beats the taste of fresh eggs in the morning.  Fruit and organic vegetables are incredibly expensive to buy and by growing your own, you will not only save money but will know you are doing the very best for your health.

Take a few small steps and become a greener family. Get the kids involved too; they can help in the garden or build you a compost heap. It is never too late to make a difference to the environment.

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