Checklist: How To Best Secure Your Home While On Holiday

Looking forward to jetting away to an exotic destination this summer to do nothing except relax, unwind and put your feet up for a change? We don’t blame you, but first you need to ensure that your home is protected and fully secure while you’re away.

Checklist: How to best secure your home while on holiday | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Amid the excitement of planning a holiday, it’s easy to overlook the issue of home security. However nothing can spoil the memories of a good holiday like coming back to find out you’ve been the victim of a crime. It’s worth taking time to secure your home both with security systems and a little help from your friends and neighbours.

To better prepare yourself for some all round fun in the sun, I spoke to the experts at Select Garage Doors who gave me the following checklist to ensure your property is left in safe hands:

1) Ask a friend

The trouble with making your home look lived in when no one is there is that it isn’t lived in and on one is there! A quick, pain free remedy to this situation is to ask a close friend or neighbour to keep an eye on the place in your absence. Give them a spare key and ask if they can pop in to collect any mail, water the grass and feed the cat/dog etc.

These may seem like the smallest of tasks but to the thief it can be the difference between a potential target and a high risk property.

2) Don’t forget the garage

The garage is a clear weak point for thieves looking for quick access to your home without arousing suspicion. Not only are they a weak point, but they offer the perfect shelter once inside. To a passer by out walking, a works van parked on the drive certainly doesn’t scream break in.

For this reason, you should pay extra attention to the garage door entrances to your property. To leave them unprotected is the equivalent of rolling out the red carpet and inviting your burglars in for a cuppa – don’t take the risk! Having a security system in place will stop them right in their tracks when they realise their every move is caught on camera.

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If however after saving for your annual getaway you’re a little strapped for cash, then don’t worry. You can purchase additional stand alone accessories for your home such as Euro-Locks & Bars, hinges and handles at a fraction of the price.

3) Hide temptation

Nothing screams “There’s no one in, come inside and help yourself”more than a pile of letters on the doorstep, milk bottles lined up outside and a laptop in full display on the kitchen table. Schedule a day of prep to ensure you remove all valuables from sight including your last minute holiday essentials. It’s just too much temptation for a burglar to pass up.

4) Lock up the exterior

When we say lock up everything, we mean everything. This may seem fairly obvious to the astute holiday goer but countless times people will leave the upstairs window open a crack or forget to turn the deadbolt in the kitchen. Well not you my friend! It’s time to check, check and check again before leaving your home open to thieves this summer.

5) No summer selfies

Did you just say no summer selfies?! What we really mean by this is don’t advertise your holiday plans on the internet. This includes blogging, social media or online forums where just about anyone could be reading about your retreat. That’s not to say you should be suspicious of everyone you meet but you don’t want the knowledge that you are out of the house to fall into the wrong hands. Wait until you’re back home to brag about #summer2016 and reserve your holiday for living in the moment.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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Author: Sam Charles

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