Elements Hair, Beauty And Tanning In Perranporth

Whilst working in a digital marketing agency in my early twenties, one of the company benefits was monthly massages. Giving up that perk when leaving the company was tough, so I decide to book regular massages out of my own pocket anyway. I aimed to go to the spa at least once a quarter, however over the past six months I’ve made an appointment for every 4 weeks.

I couldn’t recommend this more to anyone that is working hunched over a computer, or anybody in a physically demanding or stressful role.

Last month I used this Salons Locator and I decided to try out Elements based in Perranporth to have a full body massage. During my visit I also decided to have my eyebrows (or lack of!) shaped and tinted for a fuller look. Elements is located on the main street in Perranporth hidden down a small lane. The small team at Elements work together to create a relaxing and professional salon environment, reflected in a five star rating in The Good Salon Guide.

Elements Hair, Beauty and Tanning in Perranporth | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Full body massage

I’m a self-confessed massage addict, so when Amy invited me for a complimentary massage at Elements mobile spa, I obviously jumped at the opportunity. That weekend I had just come back from Marrakech and had spent the entire weekend traveling, so it was well deserved, too!

Over the past few years I’ve identified a few things that are really important to me when having a massage. I absolutely MUST feel completely comfortable with the person, the room has to be warm and there must be silence from outside the treatment room. Thank God, Amy delivered above and beyond my expectations.

Amy has been practicing massage therapy for many years and has furthered her experience by training around the world. Believe me, this is apparent in her technique. She literally climbed onto my back and used different parts of her body to massage me – BEST. FEELING. EVER!!

Everybody is completely different when it comes to massages. I know some people that want to come out feeling broken, whilst others want a relaxing treatment. I’d like to say I’m probably somewhere in he middle, so I had a firm massage but nothing too intense.

It’s surprising how many people I meet that haven’t had a massage before (like, really!?). If this is your first, then I highly recommend going to Amy. One of my favourite things about the entire experience is how comfortable she made me feel and how attentive she was – it felt like she’d move mountains for me to ensure I had a good massage.

That said, even if you’re a massage addict like me, I equally recommend you pay a trip to Elements. I wouldn’t even like to count how many massages I’ve had over the past 6 years or so, and she used techniques I’d never experienced before.

Elements Hair, Beauty and Tanning in Perranporth | UK Lifestyle Blog

Eyebrow shaping and tinting

As a natural blonde, I’ve been cursed with having absolutely NO eyebrows. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them, because I don’t think I do a bad job of drawing them on.

Frustratingly though, when I’m in the sea, camping or hiking in the mountains, I don’t want to be worrying about if my eyebrows have disappeared. “What’s the big deal?” I hear you ask! The truth is, it’s something I feel insecure about and I believe a good set of eyebrows frames the face. If you’ve got good eyebrows, the rest doesn’t really matter – but perhaps I’m bias because I’m envious of my friends bushy brows.

People always asked me if I over-plucked them as a child, but it’s just the fact there is nothing there to pluck. That’s why I’ve never gone to see anyone about them, as I was pretty sure they were a lost cause. I figured what good would waxing the little I have left do? Or why would I want them tinted, which would draw attention to the lack of length or shape?

The beauty therapist at Elements, Amy, reassured me that she “makes eyebrows”. Baffled and curious, I figured she couldn’t make them any worst than they already were. I trusted Amy to not only see me without penciled on eyebrows, but to wax and dye my brows – yikes!

Amy cleansed my face to remove my make up before applying wax to begin shaping. Afterwards she applied the tint before showing me the results in the mirror. The entire process took about 10 – 15 minutes, it was completely painless and the results were amazing. Goodbye pencil, hello natural looking brows!

Unfortunately there is no before and after picture, but I’m without a doubt heading back for another session. I’ll make sure I get some photos the next time I pay Amy a trip.

Elements Hair, Beauty and Tanning in Perranporth | UK Lifestyle Blog

Need some pampering? Book an appointment with Amy by calling the salon on 01872 573747 or find more information here. Elements Hair and Beauty is located on the first floor of the Redhouse on Boscowan Road in Perranporth (above Costcutters).[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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