Everybody Is Getting Married & Having Babies, But Don’t Forget Your Friends!

I’m not entirely sure how you’d manage to miss it, especially if you follow me on Twitter, but earlier this month I got engaged! I’ve had the most amazing couple of weeks with my friends and family constantly celebrating, and it’s been incredible (and so touching!) to see how many people are over the moon for us.

It’s enviable that as we get older, work, babies and serious relationships get in the way of our social calendars. But remember, just because friends are for life, doesn’t mean you don’t need to put in the effort. I absolutely adore spending time with my besties, and I arrange social events at least once a week even when I’m super busy because y’know, it’s important.. 💖



Everybody Is Getting Married & Having Babies, But Don't Forget Your Friends! | UK Lifestyle Blog

Go on dates

This isn’t in the traditional dating sense – instead, it’s meaning just making sure that you have the time to spend the time with them. Creating dates for yourself to go on as friends. It’s becoming more and more popular to go on platonic dates, but let’s be realistic here – it’s just a fancy way to say hanging out with friends. You could go to a restaurant, book a spa day, or even go to a city like Manchester, Edinburgh or London to make a weekend of it and really spend some quality time catching up with one another.

Make time

The person that you spend the most of your time with will most likely be your partner, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t make time for other people – you’ll just have to manage it properly. If you are constantly refuting offers to meet up in favour of your partner, this is where things can start to get messy. Putting one person over another, especially when you see said person more often than the other and spend the majority of your time with them, is not the way forward in many situations. It doesn’t matter if they’re your favourite person ever; you need to be realistic. It could be that your relationship ends – and then who will you have to turn to? The ones that you didn’t make time for a couple of months ago and kept blowing off? Why should they make time for you now?

Keep in touch

In the age that we are living in, it’s easier to keep in touch than it ever has been before. We can get a message over to the other side of the world in a nanosecond, and with the rise of social media and more texting platforms that we can count to get us connected to who we need to be connected to, there is no excuse for not keeping in touch with your friends. It takes a few seconds to send a text in the morning and let somebody know that you’re thinking about them. Even better, when they’re free, give them a call – although it’s not as good as meeting up in person, it’s a touch more personal than a text.

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