Everything You Need To Know About Fitness Bootcamps

Modern fitness bootcamps have only taken off in the UK over the past ten years or so, but they have been around in the U.S. for about twenty-five years as a way to train those in the military. The principles of a fitness bootcamp is not only to improve fitness but to motivate you to push yourself further than normal and to encourage a group of people to work together toward one common goal.

Everything You Need To Know About Fitness Bootcamps | UK Lifestyle Blog

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Who is a fitness bootcamp suitable for?

Although they are an intense workout, modern fitness bootcamps can be suitable for the most novice exercisers at all fitness levels. Throughout the session, you’ll be encouraged to work at your own intensity, but you should still be prepared to push yourself further than you normally would at the gym or home. A good bootcamp will include exercises that cater to individuals of different abilities, and a good instructor should ensure that the competitive element remains fair. If you have any health issues that you think may be affected by certain exercises, you should raise them with your instructor before training.

What does a fitness bootcamp session consist of?

Bootcamp sessions are based on military style fitness programs and usually last between 20-30 minutes. A fitness instructor will lead the group session and establish a competitive element between those taking part. You should expect to find a mixture of cardiovascular training and strength exercises that provide a full body workout.  A typical session will involve a warm-up, stretching, bodyweight exercises, running, relays, exercises with a partner and a cool-down. Being part of a team of people who all have the same common goal has proven to be a hugely motivating factor for those who want to continue with their fitness in the long-term.

What are the benefits of a fitness bootcamp?

Pushing yourself hard in a 20-minute session can shed up to 600 calories which is great for those looking to lose weight in a short space of time. Keeping this up will usually see you lose anywhere from 15-25 pounds in the space of 4 weeks. Plus, the high intensity of a bootcamp session will usually mean you only need to exercise 3-4 times per week, leaving the rest of your time free to do something else you enjoy. As with all types of exercise, the amount of dopamine you produce (a chemical that makes you happy) will increase, and you’ll begin to feel a transformation as well as see it. Ultimately, this will improve your overall sense of confidence and independence.

How do I know if a fitness bootcamp is right for me?

Whether you’re looking to shed fat or just want to improve your overall level of fitness, it’s likely that whichever bootcamp in the UK that you choose, there will be people who are looking to do the same. A fitness bootcamp gives you the opportunity break away from a routine, and a mix of a good program, a knowledgeable instructor and the motivational qualities of a session will give you all of the right ingredients for a fun, challenging workout that you’ll want to continue with. If this sounds something that you need – sign up for a class today!


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