Fancy Dress Parties; How To Stand Out

Going to fancy dress parties is probably one of the only times as an adult you really get to let your hair down and go a bit wild! They are fun occasions to get dressed up in a silly way and act as such. However, everyone is going to be doing this, so it can be hard to stand out! But that’s why you’re reading this right? To find out the best ways to stand out? Well, keep on reading then!

Fancy Dress Parties; How To Stand Out | UK Lifestyle Blog

The Outfit

Outfits at fancy dress parties are possibly the most fun bits about them. They are what people first see when they look at you and are therefore important! It’s the focal point of the evening and so it has to be done right. It can be very difficult to get your fancy dress right, but there is a secret to them. The most successful fancy dress outfits are ones that people recognise instantly, things like superheroes or famous movie characters. The other important part about this is that you have to make sure it fits your body and who you look like in person, if you get those nailed then you’re on the right tracks!

The Hair

Hair is another big thing, not quite the focal point that the outfit is but it’s still essential to the overall look! Your hair completes the outfit, you can’t have short black hair and try to look exactly like Wonderwoman! Hair can be a tricky one to get right because, if you’re trying to mimic a character you have to match their hair. Luckily you can buy high quality lace front wigs to help you get the look! By using a wig you can almost perfectly mimic any kind of hairstyle that is longer than yours, but you’re going to have a tough time making your hair look shorter so do keep this in mind!

The Face

Finishing off your look is the face. How do you make yourself stand out? Sticking with the theme of mimicking characters, you still have to do exactly that! Use makeup to try and define your cheekbones and jawline if you’re going for a super masculine character, even if you’re of the opposite gender to the character you’d be surprised on how effect fancy dress makeup can be! Or if you’re going for a character that does have a heavily made up face try to copy it as best as you can. Characters that have complex faces are naturally harder to do because it’s hard to match the dynamics of it, but as long as you get the main point of it, you’re set to go!

Doing all of these things, or perhaps even just one, will sure to make you feel happy and confident as a star of your party! You’ll get many compliments and looks and feel like your hard work hasn’t gone to waste. Of course, doing all of this, especially the makeup, requires a blank canvas and by this, we mean having clear skin to put your makeup on! If you’re looking to achieve clear skin which a lot of us are, go here.

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