Farmhouse Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas For 2018

Just because it’s a farmhouse that doesn’t mean that it quite literally needs to look like a shabby barn. The new age and contemporary farmhouses look fabulous, classy and upscale. If you have recently purchased a farmhouse in the countryside and are looking to redecorate or remodel the interiors of the place, there are tons of brilliant things that you can do. We’ve pulled together some inspo and a list of some tips that can help you make your farmhouse look like the kind that has been pulled out from an architectural digest or magazine.

Farmhouse Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas For 2018 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Install A Rustic And Charming Entryway Gallery Wall

One effective way to make your farmhouse look fantastically elegant and charming is by installing a rustic entryway gallery wall. This wall can be decorated with breathtaking wooden frames, paintings, quotes on wooden boards and tons of other such antique and rustic items.

The best part about installing an entryway gallery wall is that you don’t need to hire a professional interior decorator to get this done. This wall can be decorated as a DIY project. The end result always turns out wonderful! Get to work on your gallery wall today and leave guests and family members intrigued with the results.

Install Faux Plants In And Around Farmhouse

The farmhouse is not necessarily the everyday home of most. Most individuals purchase farmhouses for weekend getaways to the countryside. If your motive behind the purchase of the farmhouse is nothing more than weekend getaways, then it is recommended that you install faux plants and trees on the property.

You can get breathtaking fake outdoor plants and indoor plants for your farmhouse. Installing outdoor artificial plants will add a lush green and completely natural feel and outdoorsy vibe to your farmhouse. You won’t need to worry about providing maintenance to the faux outdoor plants and trees, making them the most suitable option for people who don’t live in the farmhouse as a permanent residence. You can even get UV artificial plants if your farmhouse is situated in a place that has excessive sunlight pouring in on a daily basis.

Farmhouse Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas For 2018 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Clear Out Space For A Reading Nook

Most people have farmhouses as getaway homes. If you want to go there for a nice long weekend just to unwind, it is likely that you will like to spend some hours of the day tucked into a good book. What you can do to enhance the overall décor of the farmhouse is clear out some space for a reading nook. Typically, the reading nook should overlook the fields or the open land in front of the farmhouse.

You will need to also install comfortable seating arrangements, reading lights, a small coffee table that can hold a plate of food and coffee while you read and other such furniture. Some people even install footrests below the cozy armchair. A reading nook can turn out to be an extensively relaxing place in your farmhouse.

Succulent Plants For Your Farmhouse

Succulent plants by themselves have a unique and captivating charm to them. They make any place look mystical and fabulous. You can consider placing succulent plants all around your farmhouse. These succulent plants would look best if potted in rustic pots.

The best part about succulents is that they don’t need daily or alternate day watering. They survive just fine on weekly watering. So people who are going to be visiting their farmhouses only over the weekend will find succulents the most practical plants to install on the property.

Farmhouse Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas For 2018 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Farmhouse Shelves That Are DIY

Another great way to enhance the décor of your farmhouse is by installing gorgeous beautiful wooden shelves that are painted white in the kitchen and around the house. The kitchen shelves can be decorated with cups and ceramic plates and other such items.

The shelves that are in the living room can be decorated with rustic showpieces, wooden quote boards and more. If you want to install shelves in the bedrooms, you can place your books and maybe even some lovely candle holders on the shelves. Rustic and distressed wood shelves look fantastic in any farmhouse.

Rugs And Carpets Look Classy Too

People looking to give their farmhouse a slightly upscale and luxurious vibe can consider installing colourful and vibrant rugs and carpets around the farmhouse. Beautiful turquoise blue rugs, deep pink and red rugs and carpets with abstract designs are best suited for your farmhouse.

You can purchase the rugs and carpets from your local décor store or even find countless gorgeous and long-lasting options on several online shopping portals. Rugs with tassels at either end look really fantastic in farmhouses. It is recommended that you opt for rugs that are machine wash friendly so that they are easy to clean when they get dirty or stained.

Farmhouse Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas For 2018 | UK Lifestyle Blog

Install Photos Around The House In Rustic Frames

If you’re looking to decorate the walls of your farmhouse, you can do so by installing lovely photos of yourself, family members, friends, trips and other such memories. These photos can be installed in rustic frames to add to the charm of the place. Farmhouses look more homely and cozy when the place has mementos of the owners. You can make the wooden photo frames yourself or even browse your local flea markets to find ones that suit the overall vibe of the house.

Decorating a farmhouse is easy and can be great amounts of fun. If you are a creative person and enjoy arts and crafts, there are tons of DIY projects that you can take up to add to the beauty and rustic vibe of your stunning farmhouse.

If you’re looking for unique and charming décor ideas to remodel an old farmhouse that you have recently purchased, these tips mentioned above are just what you need. These tried and tested ideas have transformed even the shabbiest and unkempt farmhouses into something stunning and show-stopping, and that looks like it has been pulled right out of a décor magazine!

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