June: So Far…

It’s been an intense couple of weeks, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. If you’ve been following my posts you’ll see I’ve just bought a lovely new build, 5 minutes from the beach in Cornwall. Although I was lucky enough to just move in, there has been a lot of decorating and plenty of mooching around in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

June: So far... | UK Lifestyle Blog

I’ll be putting up more posts about my house in the next couple of days, but I’ve been so busy putting together the best photographs and writing about what we’ve been doing in the house and garden – it’s been a real treat. Stay tuned, the reveal post is looming!

We will be offline for a week as of Tuesday though, as I’ve booked a surprise holiday for my boyfriend to celebrate his birthday! He’s been talking about wanting to go to Copenhagen for months, but I told him with everything happening in the house, we would have to post-pone. Little did he know, I’ve been scheming!!

We are leaving to stay with his family for a couple of nights in Brighton before I whisk him away! He had absolutely no idea until the weekend, when I just couldn’t wait any longer and told him! He said he kind of guessed anyway, apparently I’m not very good at being subtle!

Once we are back, there will just be one weekend before I bring our Petal home. As you can probably imagine, my site will probably be full of images of the little cutie. She’s absolutely adorable! My other half is already concerned with all the rabbit forums I’m always on, but I’m sure he will understand when he holds her on our return!

😱➡️  60 Questions [UPDATED!]

Have I lost you yet? We are only a few weeks in.. it appears that buying a house, going on holiday and bringing home a bunny all within a few weeks wasn’t enough money spent – I splashed out on some gorgeous new wheels too! I managed to pick up this steal from my bosses girlfriend, to replace my run down old Saxo. I LOVE my new VW polo!

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