Forget All The Others – THESE The Only Homeware Companies Worth Knowing About

Consumer choice is often hailed as a great marker of human progress. At the touch of a button, the discerning customer can choose from thousands of products, all ostensibly performing the same function but each with unique features that make them perfect for you.

Sounds perfect, right? Unfortunately, the reality of consumer choice is far from utopian, and instead of making your life easier, the sheer quantity of products on offer can make it mind-bogglingly difficult to decide.

Those decisions become even harder when you’re altering significant parts of your home. To help ease the strain of decision-making, we’ve found a few exceptional DIY and homeware companies that offer great service every time.

Forget All the Others – THESE the Only Homeware Companies Worth Knowing About | UK Lifestyle Blog

Direct Building Products

Rendering the outside of your home is a complex process requiring building know-how and skill.

And yet if you can render your building effectively, it’ll be protected from rainwater, will have increased fire resistance, and will improve the overall aesthetic of your house.

While you can purchase a wide range of rendering products online, few compare with Direct Building Products, a leading render supplier that stocks all the materials and supplies you need to successfully render your wall.

This is a store that caters to professional tradespeople and DIYers, so give it a look no matter your skill level.

Forget All the Others – THESE the Only Homeware Companies Worth Knowing About | UK Lifestyle Blog


Sometimes all you want from life is the opportunity to splash a lot of cash, to throw three sheets to the wind and watch in awe as your savings dwindle.

And while that will happen on the site of premium furniture supplier LuxDeco, the quality of the product more than justifies the exorbitant price.

Founded in 2012, the store is renowned as a furnisher for a number of high-end hotels including Four Seasons, Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, and Soho House, and they can deliver a slice of that five-star taste to your door.

No one would recommend LuxDeco for everyday homeware, but it’s the perfect shop if you’re looking for a luxurious centerpiece for your home.

Forget All the Others – THESE the Only Homeware Companies Worth Knowing About | UK Lifestyle Blog


For a more affordable alternative to LuxDeco, we recommend homeware specialists MADE. The company’s main selling point is that it works directly with designers, and so avoids the large mark-up in price that you’ll find in other stores.

What’s more, a purchase from MADE is a purchase from an ethical company – the company ensures that the most environmentally impactful materials it uses are 100 percent sustainably sourced.


Finding perfect garden furniture at an affordable price can be a complete headache. Either it’s reasonably priced but flimsy, or well-made but jaw-droppingly expensive.

Forget All the Others – THESE the Only Homeware Companies Worth Knowing About | UK Lifestyle Blog

But Wayfair is one of the few places where both quality and cost align, so you’ll be able to purchase plenty of garden furniture without worrying if it’ll be usable by the end of the summer.

The company offers everything you could want in a garden, including gazebos, sofas, sheds, and greenhouses. We wouldn’t shop anywhere else.

That’s our list! What are your favourite homeware and DIY brands? Let us know in the comments below. 

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