From Russia With Love: 72 Hours In The Magical Domed City Of Moscow

From Russia With Love: 72 Hours In The Magical Domed City Of Moscow | UK Lifestyle Blog

It’s the largest country in the world, spanning over 17 million square kilometers, has a population of over 144 million people and although the primary language is, of course, Russian there are thirty-five other main languages spoken. The glittering, vibrant capital city of Moscow, is also home to the Kremlin a fortified complex overlooking the Moskva River. The complex actually consists of five palaces, and four cathedrals plus the official palatial residence of Vladimir Putin the sitting President.

Moscow attracts both locals and visitors from all over the world who are eager to try flavored vodka, attend a performance by the world-renowned Bolshoi Ballet Company founded in 1776 and stand within the historic Red Square. The grand, imposing Piazza has not only seen numerous military parades, particularly at the height of the Soviet Union, but is also deemed the heart of Moscow as all streets eventually lead back there.

From Russia With Love: 72 Hours In The Magical Domed City Of Moscow | UK Lifestyle Blog

Where Should You Stay?

When you visit a nation whose entire society is founded in classic concerts, breathtaking ballets, and evenings spent at the city opera house it should come as no surprise to find there’s a plethora of luxury accommodation to choose from. It seems like prestigious, opulent buildings with impossibly grand facades line almost every other street. Why not stay close to the city centre? Ask your concierge about transfers from moscow airport and arrive in style in a chauffeured car. Gorgeous, modern hotels such as the Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow, offer guests riverside views, five-star dining experiences, elegantly appointed suites and even personal tours of the Red Square and the stunning Tretyakov Art Gallery.

Looking For Authentic Russia?

Why bother travelling to one of the most culturally rich destinations on the planet and then not trying any national dishes? Russian cuisine, unlike what many of us think, isn’t all about meat, bread and potatoes in fact, Russia has plenty of delightful delicacies that’ll tickle your taste buds. Why not try blinis? Tiny Russian pancakes that are typically served with sour cream, smoked salmon and caviar when savoury, or sweet with honey, jam and berries. If you’re feeling brave, go ahead and sample Pelmeni, Siberian frozen dumplings that are kept chilled until right before eating. Russians also love their soups; it keeps them warm, so you must try Borscht, a thick reddish-purple hot vegetable soup made with tomato and beetroot.

From Russia With Love: 72 Hours In The Magical Domed City Of Moscow | UK Lifestyle Blog

Experiences You Don’t Want To Miss

One of the best times to visit Moscow is actually now! There’s nothing quite like going through a real Russian winter yourself. Visit the multi-colored domes of the beautiful St Basil’s Cathedral, learn about Russia’s chequered past and visit Lenin’s Mausoleum as well as marveling at the strength and agility of Moscow’s premiere ballerinas as they effortlessly dance the great Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty. Since you’re all dressed up, Russians love black tie, why not head to one of Moscow’s upscale establishments such as Kalina Bar? Here, on the 21st floor, the city is spread in a carpet of light beneath you while you sample the best vodka’s including shots of premium brands including Grey Goose, Beluga and Russian Standard as well as drinking some amazing cocktails.

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